5 Interesting Things To Do In Tel Aviv

As the second-largest city in Israel, you can guarantee there are plenty of things to do in Tel Aviv. However, if you like doing things differently, here are five interesting things to do in Tel Aviv.
Tel Aviv: Photo: Shai Pal | Unsplash

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Home to stunning beaches, energetic nightlife, fantastic restaurants and breathtaking landscapes, there is so much to love about the second-biggest city in Israel. 

Located on a beautiful stretch of coastline, Tel Aviv is a city that has to be on your bucket list.

So, what are the five most interesting things to do in Tel Aviv? Continue reading to find out! 

1. Hayarkon Park 

Hayarkon Park. Photo: Paz Roz | Unsplash

While Tel Aviv may be a big city, there are plenty of places to escape the hustle and bustle, one of which is Hayarkon Park. 

Just like New York has Central Park, Tel Aviv has Hayarkon Park. The popular lush green park is located north of the city, with the peaceful Yarkon River running through it.

One of the most interesting things to do in Hayarkon Park is to explore it! While it may be an urban park, there is so much to do, such as 

  • Visiting the Rock Garden, home to over 3,500 species of plants, 
  • Wandering through the five-acre Tropical Garden full of palm trees, vines, and orchids, 
  • Seeing the animals at the petting zoo,
  • Or laying on the grass and watching people go about their days.

2. Tel Aviv Museum of Art 

Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Photo: Kai Pilger | Unsplash

If you’re looking for something interesting to do in Tel Aviv and are a huge art lover, then you must visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. 

The museum boasts an impressive collection of modern, contemporary and Israeli art. 

As you wander through, you can marvel at diverse temporary exhibitions, photography displays, design and architecture and a calming sculpture garden. 

3. Old City of Jaffa 

Old City of Jaffa. Photo: Faruk Kaymak | Unsplash

You can’t visit Tel Aviv without wandering through the beautiful city of Jaffa. 

As if being one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean basin isn’t reason enough to visit, the Old City of Jaffa is a stunning sight not to be missed. 

Standing on a cliff overlooking Tel Aviv, the city boasts a range of attractions, from picturesque mosques and churches to wishing bridges, galleries, trendy restaurants, ancient clock towers and more. 

If you’re looking for something interesting to do, the Old City of Jaffa is it! 

4. Sarona Market 

Tel Aviv. Photo: Jeremy Bezanger | Unsplash

Sarona Market is one of Israel’s largest indoor culinary markets and is definitely worth adding to your Tel Aviv itinerary! 

Located in Sarona Compound, a 140-year-old former Templar colony, this 8,700 square metre market houses a range of specialty food shops from around the world. 

As you wander the market, you’ll get whiffs of different smells, from Dutch cheese to sweet waffle towers. 

5. Rothschild Boulevard 

Rothschild Boulevard. Photo: Guy Tsror | Unsplash

One of the most interesting and eye-opening things to do while in Tel Aviv is to stroll down Rothschild Boulevard. 

With cafes open during the day and clubs at night, any time of the day is a perfect time to visit this iconic boulevard. 

As you wander through, embrace the classic Bauhaus architecture, stop in at a historical museum or grab an ice cream and find a seat to watch people and the world go by.

Whether visiting the Old City of Jaffa or wandering through a historical museum, there are so many interesting things to do in Tel Aviv. 

Which activity will you tick off first? 


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