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Is India Expensive As A Tourist?

Find out whether India is expensive to visit as a tourist with a breakdown of prices across 3 travel-related categories.

The Ultimate 10-Day Northern India Itinerary

Planning the perfect 10-day India itinerary can be an exhilarating and slightly overwhelming prospect for travelers. One could spend a lifetime exploring a country as vast and incredible as India.

The 8 Best Beaches In India

Think of India, and so many things probably come to mind: Bright colors, delectable cuisine, gorgeous landscapes, and iconic architecture. But have you ever explored the wonderful world of India’s beaches? If not, this guide is for you!

Do You Tip In India?

Before embarking on travels, it's always a good idea to understand the tipping culture. What's expected in one place might be a social faux pas in the next.

Goa vs Kerala – Where Should You Go?

Goa and Kerala are two of the most popular destinations in India. However, they are very different from each other. So, which of these two destinations should you visit?