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Charlotte is an accomplished writer based in the beautiful city of Cape Town. She has visited 22 countries and lived in the UK and Netherlands. Charlotte loves to write about her travels and the world and has a background in Political Science, English Literature, and Gender Studies. She has also written for brands like the British Corner Shop and various educational platforms.

The Best Areas To Stay In London As A First Timer

London is a vibrant and dynamic city that sees over 30 million tourists annually. The city is filled with fantastic restaurants, live music galore, fascinating museums and exhibitions, and a whole bucket-load of incredible history.

The Ultimate 3 Day Toronto Itinerary

Toronto is a bustling Canadian metropolis known for its waterfront skyline, vibey streets, towering buildings, and entertainment hubs. The city is famed for its cultural diversity and offers visitors a fantastic blend of culture, nature, business, and recreation.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Vietnam?

Vietnam is a vibrant and culturally rich destination known for its dynamic energy, lush rice paddies, breathtaking beaches, and tantalizing cuisine (Oh, hello, warm, comforting bowls of Pho!).

The Best Areas To Stay When Visiting Toronto

Toronto is a dynamic Canadian city known for its bustling metropolis, cultural diversity, incredible architecture, and captivating Ontario Lake. It’s also huge, with over 150 neighborhoods!

How Many Days Do You Need In Vietnam?

Whether you love history and nature or simply want to traverse the length of Vietnam by motorbike, taking in the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you, there is something for everyone in Vietnam.

6 Of The Best Places To Visit In Vietnam

With its bustling cities, tranquil islands, lush, mountainous landscapes, and tantalizing cuisine, Vietnam is a top contender on many a travelers' Wishlist. There truly is something for everyone in this incredible location.

How Many Days Do You Need in Cambodia?

How long you spend in Cambodia will depend mainly on your timeframe. While some travelers might skim the surface on a 5-day trip (usually as part of a larger Southeast Asia tour), others can spend three weeks or more exploring the Cambodia's centuries-old history and eclectic culture.

Do You Tip In The Netherlands?

If you’re embarking on a trip to the Netherlands, you might wonder about tipping culture. It’s always a good idea to get on board with tipping norms before you depart on a trip so that you’re well prepared to navigate the social etiquette of your chosen destination.

The Ultimate 5 Day Madeira Itinerary

Madeira island is an autonomous region of Portugal. This archipelago consists of four islands, two of which are inhabited. Located on the northwestern coast of Africa, Madeira island has a gorgeous sub-tropical climate, making it an ideal holiday location.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Malta?

The small, European island of Malta exists between Sicily and north Africa. Malta offers travelers gorgeous weather, stunning beaches, scenic landscapes, medieval streets, and charming UNESCO-grade Baroque architecture.

The Ultimate 10-Day Northern India Itinerary

Planning the perfect 10-day India itinerary can be an exhilarating and slightly overwhelming prospect for travelers. One could spend a lifetime exploring a country as vast and incredible as India.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Madeira?

Known for its astonishing landscapes, quaint coastal villages, enchanted Laurel Forest, and legendary wine, it's a gorgeous spot for all types of travelers.