When Is The Best Time To Visit Mexico? By Region

Mexico is a big country, and the weather is different depending on the season and the region. So, do you prefer hot weather? Do you feel comfortable mind crowds? These are questions to consider before deciding when to book.
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When oh when is the best time to visit Mexico? That is a question with many different answers. Keep reading to get the low down on when to visit certain regions of Mexico.

Izamal, Yucatan, Photo: Layla Jones I Earth Curious

Mexico is a big country, and the weather is different depending on the season and the region. So, do you prefer hot weather? Do you feel comfortable mind crowds? These are questions to consider before deciding when to book.

Riveria Maya

The Riviera Maya’s most frequented places are Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum. These are quite close to each other, so weather-wise, they are all similar.

Cancun’s ideal weather is from December to February with temperatures in the low 80s, clear blue skies, and low humidity. The pleasant temperatures and climate are perfect for a winter getaway filled with sightseeing, and swimming in the Caribbean.

Cancún, Photo: Christian Córdova I Flickr

Just keep in mind that while the winter months have the best weather, this is also the peak tourist season. Cancan’s main tourist attractions become packed with people trying to escape the cold winter weather of their home countries.

While the crowds can be overwhelming, they aren’t a deal breaker – You might just prefer the energy that crowds bring during New Year’s, Easter, and Christmas.

If you are able to, consider traveling during the spring. Springtime brings sunny weather with very few rain showers and you can steer clear of the holiday masses.

April: the award for the best month to visit the Rivera Maya goes to April.

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The Yucatan

Even though the Yucatan is just a four-hour bus ride from the Riveria Maya, the climates are distinguishable. The temperature rises about 10 degrees once you arrive in Merida (the capital city of the Yucatan) so be ready to get sweaty and shred the layers once you arrive.

Progresso Beach, Yucatan, Photo: Layla Jones I Earth Curious

The best time to visit is hands down during the fall and winter months. From October to February the weather is a bit cooler – as in 85 degrees instead of 95 degrees. It’s also the dry season which means less humidity and fewer thunderstorms.

Merida has remained off the beaten path and undiscovered by the rest of the world so there is no need to worry about avoiding fellow vacationers. The beaches are beautiful and there are plenty of palapas ( Mexican shelters roofed with palm leaves) for everyone.

October: The best month to visit is in October. There are so many events taking place for Halloween and Day of the Dead, and the weather is superb.


Oaxaca is a magical part of Mexico. The city of Oaxaca is in the mountains so it has a more moderate temperature all year round. The hottest months are April and May when it reaches about 88 degrees Farenheight.

Oaxaca City, Photo: Eduardo Robles Pacheco I Flickr

The low tourist season is during fall and late winter ( With the exception of Christmas and New Year) so hotels are much more affordable. All you need is a light jacket or sweater for Oaxaca’s chili nights.

May: The best month to visit Oaxaca is May. Spring is the prime season to visit Oaxaca as room rates go down, and temperatures go up. What’s more – there isn’t much rain and the temperature hovers around the upper 80s.

Central Mexico

Mexico City

On a visit to central Mexico, chances are you’ll start in Mexico City: North America’s largest city.

For the best Mexico City weather at its best, go during March, April, or May. These are considered the shoulder months because they are right between the chilly winter temperatures and the rainy summer. During the spring the temperatures stay at a moderate 70 degrees so that is just one more reason to visit between March and May.

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Mexico City, Reforma Street, Photo: Nan Palmero I Flickr

While the city might be busy with tourists during the Spring, it’s not so bad that you need to adapt your plans – after all it’s a city on the go with thousands of people trying to get from point A to point B.

March – March is the best month of the year to discover the hustle and bustle of Mexico City.

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San Miguel de Allende

Another great place to see in the center of Mexico is San Miguel de Allende. It has a reputation as one of the top cities in the world to visit and there is a sizable ex-pat community that has come to enjoy its ideal weather.

San Miguel de Allende, Photo: TJ DeGroat I Flickr

San Miguel’s climate doesn’t change a lot throughout the year. No matter what the season, temperatures average between a comfortable 73 degrees and 88 degrees.

December: December is the best month to stroll around the cobblestone streets of Oaxaca because there is no rain.

Pacific Coast

Puerto Vallerta

The best time to visit Puerto Vallarta is April, May, and June when the weather is pleasantly cool and the hotels have lots of cheap deals. During these months, rain is scarce and there are much fewer tourists compared to the winter high season.

Puerto Vallerta, Photo: Ron Frazier I Flickr

Note: If you are hoping to go whale watching, then you would need to visit from December to March.

June: June is the best month to visit Puerto Vallarta.

Baja California

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a very popular tourist destination – especially for American tourists living in the western part of the US. During the wintertime, the weather stays in the mid to high 70’s so it’s really nice, but extremely crowded.

Los Cabos, Mexico, Photo: Andres Alvarado I Flickr

May: May is the best month to visit to avoid the crowds and summer thunderstorms.

To Sum Up

Now that you know when to visit the various regions of Mexico, the next step is choosing your destination. After that, consider when you want to visit based on the weather and busy seasons. Then, the only thing left to do is book the flight and pack accordingly.


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