The Best Areas To Stay When Visiting Warsaw, Poland

Discover the best places to stay in when visiting Warsaw and find out a few popular things to do in each.
The Best Areas To Stay When Visit Warsaw, Poland. Photo: Skitterphoto | Pixabay

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The time is here. You’ve finally got around to planning your trip to Poland, with Warsaw being the top destination you plan to explore.

Hopefully, you’ve already gathered a list of top things to do in Warsaw or made some kind of itinerary that takes advantage of however many days you plan on staying.

Today, let’s take a look at one of the most important questions of all: What’s the best area to stay when visiting Warsaw?

Śródmieście – Best for Newcomers

The best place to stay in Warsaw for the first time is in Śródmieście, which is the central district. You’ll have everything there for a great vacation, including town squares, restaurants, cafes, gardens, attractions, museums, and nightlife.

You can enjoy walks around Saxon Garden, for instance, and Old Town Market Square, and check out the wonderful architecture of Holy Cross Church and Palace of Culture and Science, the city’s most recognizable landmark that hosts a museum, cinemas, and an observation deck.

In the evening, observe the colorful water fountain show at Multimediálna fontána. Or how about viewing a show at Teatr Wielki, otherwise known as the Polish National Opera. You’ll find Śródmieście teeming with things to do within a convenient area.

Powiśle – Best for Nightlife

Powiśle is a great area to stay in if you’re anxious to check out Warsaw’s vibrant nightlife scene while still being situated around leisure attractions. You’ll find a great mix of bars/pubs with endless beers on tap—Warsawa Powiśle is easily one of the most popular nightlife venues to grab drinks at in Powiśle, if not all of Warsaw—in addition to museums like the Museum of Modern Art on the Vistula and Copernicus Science Centre.

You can walk through the beautiful Warsaw University Library and Gardens, view the Syrenka mermaid monument along the Vistula River and find plenty to eat along ul. Solec, the main street loaded with restaurants, and enjoy the sprawling food hall in Elektrownia Powiśle.

Nightlife Venues to Check Out:

Warsawa Powiśle

Kufle I Kapsle


Plac Zabaw


Powiśle. Photo: Emilia Niedźwiedzka | Unsplash

Praga – Cool Neighborhood

Praga is best to stay in if you enjoy hipster crowds and surrounding yourself with cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity. Here, you’ll find colorful street murals on buildings, and historical buildings, temples, and shrines.

The Neon Museum, Polish Vodka Museum, and Praga Museum of Warsaw are perhaps the most popular to visit. Along Ząbkowska Street, you’ll find festive cultural events and street art. The Koneser Center is a popular place to hang out with artists and is a great place to eat and grab drinks.

Old Town – Couples

A stay in Old Town is best for those that would like to surround themselves with Warsaw’s historical buildings and attractions. Consider it a postcard type of vibe, filled with captivating architecture, winding streets, and plenty of statues of notable figures and public squares.

Plac Zmkowy is one of the most popular places to gather in Old Town, as is the Royal Castle, which is open to the public. You’ll also find the Presidential Palace, numerous churches, and Krakowskie Przedmieściem, a well-known street that stretches from Old Town all the way to the Royal Castle. As the area is brimming with breathtaking architecture, Old Town is widely regarded as the perfect place to stay in Warsaw for couples.

Old Town, Warsaw. Photo: Elijah G | Unsplash

What’s Next?

Congratulations, you’ve just discovered the best areas to stay in Warsaw, Poland. Now that you’ve got a better idea of where to book your hotel, due tell us, what area do you think you’ll stay in? Do you prefer being next to a vibrant nightlife scene or would you rather enjoy strolls around historical buildings? Are you looking for a place that’s overall best for newcomers or do you find staying somewhere with a central theme? Either way, Warsaw is sure to welcome you with open arms. Safe and happy travels!


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