The Best Time To Visit Ecuador

Discover the best time to visit Ecuador with a breakdown of its what to expect during its wet and dry seasons.
The best time to visit Ecuador. Photo: marxelocinema | Pixabay

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Ecuador may be known for its big cities like Quito and Cuenca, but perhaps, the South American country holds far more notoriety for its beautifully diverse natural landscape.

It’s home to volcanoes, exotic plants and animals, fascinating rock formations, crater lakes, dense forest, and gorgeous beaches. What’s more, and probably most fascinating of all, Ecuador provides the Amazon Rainforest, Andes Mountains, and Galapagos Islands.   

I know, whoa. No wonder why the country is one of the best places for backpack travel south of the equator. And now that you’ve settled on considering it as the next place you’ll visit on your grand international adventure, let’s review when is the best time to visit Ecuador.

Get to Know the Seasons

In order to get a better idea of when to visit Ecuador, first, you’ll need to learn about its location and seasons.   

Ecuador is positioned directly on the equator, and since it lies in a tropical climate, it has two distinct wet and dry seasons. The wet seasons, which is typically warm, falls between October and May, while the dry season, typically cool, is from June through September.

Ecuador has wet and dry seasons. Photo: 472619 | Pixabay

Wet Season – October to May

Ecuador’s wet season consists of warm temperatures, high levels of humidity, and lots of rain.

October marks the return of wet season, though Ecuador won’t receive heavy rainfall until several months later. With little precipitation, October and November are still great times to visit.  

From December through February you’ll find mostly clear skies and strong sunshine throughout the days, with growing sporadic rain showers usually in the high afternoon.

Plus, due to holidays like Christmas and New Year’s, and on top of receiving less rain, December and January receive a spike in tourism across Ecuador, which means that flights and hotels are at their most expensive rates.

By March and April, Ecuador receives a heavy amount of precipitation, with rain showers that typically last the entire day and for days at a time.  

May serves the shoulder, transitory month, where the switch from wetter, warmer months transforms into the start of the dry season.  

Best for visiting coastal beaches (Nov. to Jan.)

Best for visiting Galapagos Islands

Ecuador’s coastal beaches. Photo: D_fenix249 | Pixabay

Dry Season – June to September

June marks the start of both dry season and peak season for travel. Over the next two months, Ecuador receives the strongest amount of sunshine throughout the year and little to no rainfall. What’s more, temperatures are a pleasant warm to cool, making way for a great time to get outside and enjoy outdoor activities.

You’ll find that July and August receive the most tourism, with the latter seeing an uptick in visitors due to the celebration of Ecuador’s independence in during the early weeks.

September serves a shoulder, transitory month, where the switch from drier, cooler months transforms into the start of the wet season.  

Best for hiking Andes Highlands

Best for exploring Amazon Rainforest

Amazon River. Photo: alexschmitz | Pixabay

When Will You Visit?

So, you’ve now got a better understanding of the best time to visit Ecuador. With that, when do you think you’ll visit? Prefer to visit Ecuador during wet season or maybe you’re yearning to explore the Amazon in the dry season? Either way, Ecuador’s cool to warm climate makes it a wonderful destination to visit any time of year. Safe and happy travels!


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