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We launched in July 2022, and it’s our goal to become one of the world’s leading travel brands.

Meet our travel experts:

Alex has always loved to travel. She has visited 17 countries and her travels have taken her all over the world, from the UK to The Philippines and everywhere in between. A degree in marine biology means that Alexandra is particularly passionate about sustainability and environmentalism, which often comes through in her writing. Her next stop? Zanzibar, where she’ll be exploring the island’s rich culture and stunning coastline.
Charlotte is an accomplished writer based in the beautiful city of Cape Town. She has visited 22 countries and lived in the UK and Netherlands. Charlotte loves to write about her travels and the world and has a background in Political Science, English Literature, and Gender Studies. She has also written for brands like the British Corner Shop and various educational platforms.
Clare is an expert travel writer at Earth Curious. She is also the founder and editor of Liverpool Noise, a definitive site showcasing Liverpool arts, entertainment, gig listings, and more! Clare has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to writing about travel and the arts, which she enjoys sharing with her readers. When she’s not writing or editing, Clare can be found exploring new places or enjoying a gig in her home city of Liverpool.
David is a travel writer at Earth Curious. He has visited 14 countries and extensively traveled to all 4 countries of the United Kingdom. David loves to explore new cultures, and learn about the history and customs of the places he visits. He is an expert on UK travel and can provide valuable insights for anyone looking to visit this beautiful part of the world.
Donovan has been traveling the world for over a decade, and he loves nothing more than inspiring others to do the same. A published travel writer, Donovan has called South Korea and China home for extended periods of time. His unique perspective on culture and travel provides readers with an insightful look at some of the most fascinating places on earth.
Elizabeth is a Nashville-based expert travel writer. She has work published in travel publications such as Travel Lemming and Seeing Tennessee. As well as living in the US, she has also lived and spent time in France. Elizabeth’s writing reflects her passion for exploring new places – whether it’s a familiar city or an exotic destination.
Georgia is a published travel writer based in Washington DC, United States. She has lived in Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. As an avid traveler, she is passionate about exploring new cultures and understanding the world through a global lens. Georgia is also currently studying international development.
Jasmine is a published travel writer who runs her own travel blog: Kiwi Talks Travel. She has visited 18 countries and has lived in Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Jasmine is passionate about travelling and loves to help others plan their trips. She is an expert on all things travel-related, and loves to share her knowledge with others.
Jenna is a published travel writer who has journeyed to over 38 countries. A lover of adventure, she enjoys nothing more than finding new and exciting ways to explore the world. Her travels have taken her to some of the most beautiful beaches on earth, and she counts herself lucky to have experienced so much in such a short time.
Jo is an expert travel writer, and during that time she’s visited 12 countries. She is currently based in Congleton, United Kingdom, but she has also lived in Brisbane, Australia. Jo loves to explore new places and learn about different cultures, which is why she enjoys writing about travel so much. She hopes to inspire others to explore the world for themselves.
Joseph is a full-time traveler and digital nomad. He’s visited roughly 40 countries and loves to learn about new cultures. His work has been published on various travel blogs, such as Adventures In Serendipity. When he’s not out exploring the world, Joseph enjoys reading and writing about his experiences. He is an expert in all things travel-related.
Layla has visited 30 countries and counting! She is based in Mexico but has also lived in Peru, South Korea, and Guatemala. She is always on the lookout for new adventures, and loves immersing herself in cultures completely different to her own. Layla is a keen traveler and an adventurous spirit.
Thomas has always loved the written word. This passion led him to pursue a BA and an MPhil in Literature. Over the years, Thomas has visited 36 countries and has lived in 4. He loves exploring new cultures and learning about different ways of life. Aside from writing and traveling, he enjoys making music.

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