The Best Time To Visit Singapore

The best time to visit Singapore may be any time of year, but touring during these specific months will make your trip much more pleasant.
When’s the best time to visit Singapore? Photo: Mike Enerio | Unsplash

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Let’s just go ahead and thank God for inventing tropical weather. Seriously. I mean sure, the tropics may occasionally bring the heat, but with it almost always comes the perfect time to get outside, hit the beach, enjoy fun water activities, take leisurely strolls, go for hikes through a lush forest, and watch the most beautiful sunsets of any climate zone.

Take Singapore, for instance. It’s location on the southern tip of Asia and near Earth’s equator puts it in a tropical climate, and thus, you’ve got gorgeous blue skies, soothing sunshine, and warm to hot temperatures nearly all year long.

With that kind of weather, in addition to its endless attraction and jaw-dropping cityscape, it’s no wonder why Singapore has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. The only question that remains: When’s the best time to visit Singapore?  

Singapore’s weather is warm all year-round. Photo: Rudy1412 | Pixabay

Choosing the Best Months to Visit

Singapore is generally warm/hot and humid all year round, so the best time to visit will depend on your preference for wet or dry seasons, and what activities are taking place during certain months.  

Tis’ the Season to Be Dry

Singapore’s dry season is from February through August. Temperatures fall between 75° to 90°, with April, May, and June serving as the region’s warmest months. During this season, days are sunnier and the weather is much more pleasant, making it the best time to explore Singapore’s outdoor activities.

However, do keep in mind that during the dry season, Singapore’s muggy and unbearable-for-some humidity also reaches its peak.

Furthermore, because of Singapore’s tropical climate, expect sporadic rainfall even in the drier temperatures, though it usually won’t last long, except when the Southwest Monsoon sweeps in during June and July. Make sure to pack an umbrella, just in case.

February – Chinese New Year

March – iLight Singapore

April – Singapore International Film Festival

May – Hari Raya

June – Dragon Boat Festival/Singapore Heritage Fest

July – Singapore Food Festival/The Great Singapore Sale

August – National Holiday

Singaporean locals and tourists enjoy sweeping city views in Marina Bay. Photo: Aline Ang | Pexels

Singapore’s Wettest Time of Year

Singapore’s wet season last from September through February. November to January are the region’s coolest and wettest months, with the highest amount of rainfall occurring in December. Although precipitation can reach anywhere between 9 to 13 inches during this time, average temperatures will still fall in the mid to high 80s, making most attractions in Singapore still suitable to explore amidst heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Despite the rain, Singapore receives quite the influx of tourists during December and January, when Zoukout, Christmas, New Year’s, Thaipusam, and Chinese New Year are widely celebrated across the region. If you’re looking for a more culturally immersive experience during your trip to Singapore, the wet season months are still a great time to visit.

September – Singapore Grand Prix

October – Deepavali

November – Singapore Cocktail Festival

December – Zoukout/Christmas

January – New Year’s/Thaipusum

Heavy rain falls in the distance over Singapore. Photo: Nicolas Lannuzel | Flickr

I’d recommend December through May as the best time to Singapore. Although they fall in the category of most rainfall throughout the year, December to February are great times to experience immersive cultural celebrations and decorations in Singapore.

March through May produces some of the most pleasant weather in Singapore, paving the way for you to explore and experience as much of the region as possible.  

No matter what time of the year you visit Singapore, though, there’s nothing like sipping a cocktail and enjoying the sunset over tropical terrain, and that’s rain or shine. Safe and happy travels!


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