The Best Places In Europe To Visit In November

Leave the crowds behind and get ready to discover authentic culture, roam peaceful museums, and mix with the locals when you visit these iconic European destinations in November.
Granada in Autumn
Granada. Photo: Antonio Di Giorgio | Flickr

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It’s easy to think of Europe as an iconic summer destination. Between June and August, families, honeymooners, and retirees alike flock to the culturally rich continent, all looking to capture their picture-perfect moments. Yet, long lines, crowds, and blistering hot temperatures can be expected on the other side of the camera.

Come November, all that changes, and a different side of Europe is revealed. Once packed beaches are yours to wander alone, restaurants buzz with the sound of locals, and museums return to their peaceful atmosphere. 

You’ll want to pack some layers, a raincoat, and a sense of adventure, but in return, you’ll enjoy a European vacation packed with authentic experiences. If that sounds like your cup of tea, sit down and enjoy these three best places in Europe to visit in November.

1) Paris, France

Considering Paris gets over 16 million visitors a year, you may think it’d be impossible to explore the city without being surrounded by other tourists. And while you might be right, there’s one exception, and that’s when you visit Paris in November.

Paris in the Autumn
Eiffel Tower in Autumn. Photo: Guilhem Vellut | Flickr

Break out your most fashionable coat, don your favorite scarf, pop on your best walking shoes and let the magic of Paris lead the way. Between visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, your stop for coffee and freshly baked bread will feel even more rewarding in cooler November temperatures. Plus, you’ll only have to wait until 6 pm to see the Eiffel Tower with its lights on!

2) Granada, Spain

No matter the time of year you visit Granada, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this charming small city. You’ll want a raincoat for the occasional shower, but 30-minutes of rain is well worth discovering this incredible region in its quieter season.

Alhambra. Photo: Kent Wang | Flickr

Explore Alhambra’s mystical gardens and decorated palaces, sample homemade honey and fresh bread at the farmers market, and let yourself get lost in Old Town’s labyrinth of winding streets. And the best part – indulge your heart’s desire in delicious tapas without having to worry about fitting into a swimsuit afterward.

3) Lagos, Portugal

Still set on that beach holiday? We hear you. On the Algarve Coastline, tucked at the very bottom of Portugal, you’ll find the ideal mix of culture, pristine beaches, mild weather, and a friendly community in the small town of Lagos.

Lagos – Portugal. Photo: Vitor Oliveira | Flickr

Now, we must warn you that November in Lagos is undoubtedly the off-season. Many stores and restaurants close shop between November and February, but if you love peaceful coastal hikes followed by a beer at the pub with locals, you’ll love Lagos in November. Plus, cooler temperatures mean bigger swells, perfect for surfing or boogie boarding.

Final Thoughts On The Best Places In Europe To Visit In November

If you’re ready to experience Europe like a local, there’s no better time to visit than in November. You may have to trade in summer temperatures for cooler mornings and evenings, but we promise you’ll never second guess your decision as you sip an espresso next to the Eiffel Tower and roam impressive cathedrals with hardly another soul in sight.


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