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5 Unmissable Day Trips You Can Take From Cape Town

Cape Town is a gorgeous city known for incredible hiking trails, breathtaking beaches, and decadent eateries. However, if you're willing to hit the open roads, there is so much to see further afield.

The Ultimate 2 Week South Africa Itinerary

South Africa is filled to the brim with wild secrets, extreme beauty, and quaint beach towns. Discover the best of the bucket list destinations on this ultimate 2 week South Africa itinerary.

Do You Tip In South Africa?

Tipping culture is BIG in South Africa, so if you plan on visiting its sunny shores, carry some extra cash. While it isn't mandatory, it is undoubtedly the done thing and will be greatly appreciated by service staff.

The Best Areas To Stay In Cape Town

Cape Town is a dynamic city located near the Southernmost point of the African continent. Known for sublime sunsets, world-class wine, oceans galore, and the iconic Table Mountain, it is a top contender on many bucket lists.