When Is The Best Time To Visit Kefalonia? 

Kefalonia is the largest island on the Ionian coast, embodying a vast and fascinating history. Occupied by the Romans, Venetians, Ottomans, French, and British, it was reunited with Greece in the 1960s.
Kefalonia’s stunning coastline. Photo: Mac McDade | Unsplash

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Known for its crystal waters, gorgeous Mediterranean climate, geographical wonders, and famed Kefalonian pies, it is the perfect island for anyone who loves sojourning on a sandy beach and getting lost in natural phenomena. 

Despite the huge earthquake that ravaged much of the island in 1953, the island boasts incredible life and has bounced back with vigor. Explore coastal harbors and villages like Fiskardo, spot goats on the mountains clad with gold teeth – thanks to special nutrients in the soil, or enjoy ever-enchanting sites like Melissani lake and Drogorati cave. 

But with so much to do, when is the best time to visit Kefalonia? 

Summer Peak Season – June to August (for the Sun worshipers) 

If you’re all about dry, hot climates, then this is the time to visit the island. Temperatures can reach highs of around 31 Degrees Celsius in July. 

While you will be contending with many sun-loving tourists, this is the best time to enjoy warm balmy waters and get in on all the summer festivities. The island is in full swing at this time of the year, so expect many boat trips, island tours, and bustling beaches. 

Magical Myrtos Beach. Photo | Charlotte Marais

Best for:

  • Relaxing on the many beaches
  • Enjoying the sunshine and water sports
  • Getting in on the summer festivities and fun (events and action-packed day trips are in full swing at this time!)

Top tip: Book well in advance if you are planning on a peak season island visit. If you want to secure an umbrella and sun-lounger at famous beaches like Myrtos beach or Skala beach, go early to avoid missing out!

Off-Shoulder Months – May, June, September, and October

If you’re not a fan of super busy beaches and tourists aplenty, it is probably a better idea to visit the island in these slower months. While the nights might be a little cooler in May, the weather starts warming up deliciously, and things start opening up by June.

 May also brings a cacophony of bright blooms thanks to the April showers, making the island especially magical with its cloak of bougainvillea and pink oleanders. September is also a brilliant time to visit since the major influx of travelers has gone home. The weather is also pretty much perfect – with its warm temperature and cooler breeze – and you might even find some discounts and specials to sweeten the deal.

Pink Oleanders overlooking Fiskardo Harbour. Photo | Charlotte Marais

Best for: Travellers who want to skip the crowds, enjoy slightly cooler weather (albeit still warm and wonderful), and find some discount deals.

If you want to see the famous Caretta Caretta Turtles 

Turtle season kicks off at the Argostoli harbor in May, and visitors can spot the famous Caretta Caretta turtles between 8 am and 12 pm in the morning. They can be seen basking along the Ionian coastline until September.

Spot the Caretta Caretta turtles at the Argostoli Harbour. Photo: Voutsinale | Wikimedia

The Takeaway 

Kefalonia is a gorgeous island with a wealth of history, geographical wonders, and cafes and eateries galore. Whether you want to unwind on a beach with your new novel or explore the plethora of history and revel in coastal charm, there is something for everyone on this little slice of paradise. 


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