The Best Time To Visit Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a lively and culture-laden island known for its breathtaking beaches, tropical rainforests, tantalizing cuisine, and world-renowned rum. If you’re all about lip-smacking flavours, friendly locals, and festivals aplenty, Puerto Rico ticks all the boxes (and then some!)
Arriving in San Juan. Photo : Stephanie Klepacki | Unsplash

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This slice of Caribbean paradise – nestled between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea – is undoubtedly worth visiting. But when is the best time to visit Puerto Rico? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for! Happily, with its tropical marine climate, the island is warm all year long – meaning that you can become a swallow and follow the sun.

The dreamy warm climate makes it a fantastic holiday spot, no matter the month. Nevertheless, if you’re not a fan of the rain and the occasional storm, you’ll want to skip the rainy months and avoid the island from April to November.

The guide below explores the best time to visit Puerto Rico for every type of traveler. Whether you love the bustle of high season, the calm and tranquillity of quieter months, or want to skip the rain, there is the perfect time to visit Puerto Rico for everyone

A bird’s-eye view of the island when flying into San Juan. Photo: Breeze Baldwin | Wikimedia

High Season in Puerto Rico (December – April, and July)

High season in Puerto Rico kicks off in December, with many Americans escaping the winter blues and enjoying the island’s balmy climate and sandy beaches. December to March is the island’s driest season, making it an ideal time for those wanting to skip the rain. The main harbor in San Juan is usually dotted with cruise ships at this time, meaning it’s the busiest time of year on the island.

Since it is the most popular season, prices are naturally higher during these months, and you’ll have to contend with more tourists. On the plus side, you’ll enjoy the drier weather, and there are plenty of traditional festivals and events on the go, including New Year’s Day festivities, Emancipation Day celebrations, and the mask festival.

While not technically part of the main high season, July also enjoys popularity. It brings about a flurry of crowds as locals and travelers enjoy the soaring temperatures and flock to the sandy shores.

Tourists stroll through the bustling streets of Old San Juan. Photo: Yajnas | Unsplash .

Top tip: If you want to visit the island over Christmas, New Year, or Easter or hit the beaches in July, it’s best to book travel plans and accommodation well in advance

The high season is best for: Travellers who want to enjoy the island over the festive period and skip the rainier months. Since it’s high season, be prepared to spend a bit more.

Low Season (June – September)

Puerto Rico slows down during these months, mainly because peak storm and hurricane weather begin in August. While you’ll need to keep an eye on the weather charts, holiday-goers can enjoy some fantastic savings during these slower months. There are also some fun events at this time, including the Rincón Surfing Festival and a variety of street parties and fiestas. While things might calm down a little, there is always a party to be had on the island.

Top tip: Since the weather can be a little stormy at this time, you’ll want to keep a keen eye on the weather forecast and make sure that there aren’t any expected hurricanes. It’s also a good idea to take out travel insurance in case any plans are canceled or changed on account of the weather.

The low season is best for: Travellers who want to explore on a budget and enjoy some great deals and those who want to avoid bustling crowds.

A quiet and tranquil Rojo Cabo Beach without hordes of tourists. Photo: Jonathan Lampel | Unsplash

“Shoulder Season” – September – mid-December and April – May

The shoulder seasons in Puerto Rico fall on either side of the high season, making it an ideal time for travelers who want to skip the crowds. While there isn’t always a dramatic drop in prices, this is a perfect time for visitors wishing to enjoy the island before the momentum of the festive period begins and the droves of tourists arrive.

The shoulder season is best for: Travellers who want to skip the busy festive period and avoid potential hurricane risks.

Top tip: If you want to skip the risk of hurricanes and storms, it’s best to book from October onwards.

Take a stroll through the bright streets of Old San Juan. Photo: Zizi Zhou | Unsplash

Puerto Rico Month by Month

Happily, there is always something to do on the island. Let’s take a glance at the top events and experiences, month by month.

January – Great for those wanting to bask in warmth, enjoy the dry season, and partake in exciting events like the San Sebastian Street Festival.

February – February is festival time on the island. Enjoy the Ponce Carnival with its vibrant street displays or pop your running shoes on and sign up for the San Blas half marathon.

March – March boasts fantastic weather, fewer crowds, and some great events like the Taste of Rum festival.

April – The start of Spring on the island, an abundance of outdoor events, and of course, Easter celebrations.

May – May signifies harvest season and is a must if you love seafood. Also check out the Festival of Orchids.

June – This is the perfect month for families and those who want to check out cultural events like the Carnaval del Juey.

July – There are loads of outdoor festivals at this time as the island enjoys its second peak season. If you love a cocktail, visit the Piña Colada Festival.

August – While it might be the start of the stormy season, August offers some brilliant temperatures and is a great time to swim. You might also find some great discounts.

September – Tourism slows down in September making it a fantastic time for those who want to skip the crowds. As always on this vibey island, there are festivities to be found.

October – While October is rainy, temperatures remain warm. This is also a great time to skip tourist season and to enjoy local crafts, music, and food at the Festival Nacional del Platano.

November – Enjoy comfortable temperatures and events like the Discovery Day Parade.

December – Peak season kicks off. This is the best time for those who want to celebrate with locals and travellers and get in on the festive action.

A local street performer with his guitar. Photo: Christian Crocker : Unsplash

Final Thoughts

Puerto Rico is a cultural melting pot with strong Spanish, African, and Taíno influences. Known for its dynamism and vast array of festivals and cultural events, it’s the perfect island for travelers who want to explore an abundance of nature and tradition. It is also a must for anyone who wants to relish the rich flavors of fried garlicky plantains, slow-cooked pork, and fruity rum cocktails.

Since it’s warm all year long, there is never a bad time to visit the island. However, if you want to skip the rainy seasons, you’ll have to visit the island during peak season and brave the crowds. If you’re looking for a real budget and don’t mind weathering the odd storm, then explore the island during the low season and enjoy some good discounts and deals.

If you’ve visited Puerto Rico, we’d love to hear your stories. Did you brave the hurricane season? Or did you opt to join the masses and revel in the drier festive months? Let us know!


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