The Best Time To Visit Croatia

Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, so it’s no wonder it’s gaining popularity every year! So, when is the best time to visit Croatia?
Croatia has a lot to offer at different times of the year. Photo: Isabel Chase | Unsplash

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Sitting on the Adriatic Sea, the beautiful country of Croatia is rising in popularity, and for a good reason! 

Croatia is the perfect European destination home to stunning historic cities, jaw-dropping waterfalls, breathtaking beaches, and islands. 

So, when is the best time to visit Croatia? 

It really depends on what you want to get out of your holiday. We will explore the best time to visit Croatia

  • On a budget 
  • For partying
  • For water activities 
  • To see the national parks 
Dubrovnik, Photo: Matthias Mullie | Unsplash

The Best Time to Visit Croatia on a Budget 

If you’re planning on visiting this beautiful country on a budget, then May to June and October to November are the perfect time to go. 

During these months, the ocean temperatures are pleasant, the prices are low, the sun is shining, and there are fewer crowds. However, because it’s shoulder season, not all activities, restaurants and accommodations will be open. So keep that in mind when planning your trip. 

Hvar, Photo: Geio Tischler | Unsplash

The Best Time to Visit Croatia for Partying 

If you are planning a holiday to Croatia solely around partying, then summer is the best time to visit, specifically the last three weeks of July. 

Yacht week is a popular activity for partiers in Croatia. It’s when people come from all around the world to party and sail through Croatia for one week. While yacht week is celebrated from May to September, the best time to experience it is July and August. 

Bol, Photo: Isabel Chase | Unsplash

The Best Time to Visit Croatia for Water Activities 

If you plan on spending the majority of your holiday in Croatia in the Adriatic Sea swimming, snorkelling, sailing and more, the best time to visit is June to September. 

While the prices of accommodation will be more expensive due to peak season, there’s nothing better than spending your European summer on a beach or yacht in Croatia. 

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Photo: Mike Swigunski | Unsplash

The Best Time to Visit Croatia to See the National Parks

While Croatia is a beautiful country to visit no matter the time of year, if you want to go to see the national parks, the best time to visit is May to June. 

This time of year is when the lakes and waterfalls are at their fullest due to snow runoff, and because it’s the shoulder season, it means you’ll most likely have the place to yourself!

Croatia, Photo: Sergii Gulenok | Unsplash

Best Places to Visit in Croatia

No matter what time of year you visit this Mediterranean country, some of the best places to visit in Croatia include

  • Dubrovnik 
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Hvar Town
  • Istria
  • Vis Island
  • Bol
  • Krka National Park 
  • Split
  • Makarska 

Whether you’re planning a beach holiday, party adventure or relaxing vacation, Croatia has it all.

From stunning national parks to breathtaking islands and beaches, there is so much to experience in this country on the Adriatic. 


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