Prague Weekend Itinerary – A Definitive Guide

With its Gothic charm, Baroque-style buildings, and dynamic mix of history and culture, the so-called Golden City offers travellers the perfect weekend away. And if you’re a beer drinker or foodie, it’s definitely the city for you!
Stroll along the Charles Bridge during Golden Hour. Photo: William Zhang | Unsplash.

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Prague is world-renowned for its incredible cultural life, impressive architectural heritage, and eclectic party scene. It’s been called the ‘City of a Hundred Spires’ thanks to the 500 towers dotted throughout the city. With so much to offer, it’s definitely a bucket-list contender for anyone with a penchant for adventure.

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a weekend in Prague, this guide is for you!

Day 1 – Morning:

Start with breakfast

Start off with a hearty breakfast at a local eatery. If you have a sweet tooth, try the famous Trdelník pastry (also known as Chimney cake, thanks to its cylindrical shape.) Made from rolled dough that’s wrapped around a stick and topped with walnuts and sugar, it’s a total delight. Be warned, though; they’re addictive!

For a more sit-down meal, try and get a table at Café Savoy – one of the city’s oldest cafes, built in 1893. With a day of exploring ahead, you’ll want to ensure you’re fuelled. Since the city is so walkable, put on some comfy walking shoes before you start out.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is perhaps the most iconic point in the city. The cobblestone bridge was built in 1357 across the Vltava River. It held historical importance as it connected Prague’s famous castle to the surrounding areas, including Old Town. Marvel at the 30 bronze and marble statues of famous saints as you walk across the bridge.

Be sure to stop at the most famous of them all, the statue of St John Of Nepumuk. Legend tells us that if you rub the plaque, you will gain good fortune and return to the city soon.

Explore the magic of Charles Bridge at night. Photo: Lachlan Gowen | Unsplash

At night-time, the bridge offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll as lanterns illuminate the walkway. This makes Charles Bridge a magnet for proposals. Keep your eyes peeled, and you might just spot an engagement.

Old Town Square

Now it’s time to visit Old Town Square. This historical square was built in the 12th century and houses many historical monuments. Be sure to visit these sites:

  • Powder Tower: The Gothic-style tower, built in 1475, once housed gunpowder. If you feel energetic, climb the 186 and delight in fantastic city views.
  • The Old Town Hall: One of the city’s most important landmarks, the hall is home to the famous Astronomical Clock that chimes without fail each hour. When it does, spot the various mechanical figures in motion and the renowned skeleton who rings a bell.
  • Church of Our Lady Before Tyn: This is a must-see, especially if you’re a Disney fan. It is said to have been the inspiration for the castle in Sleeping Beauty. This 14th-century landmark is characterized by Baroque interiors and gothic spires.
Explore the wonders of Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock. Photo: Abdullah Yilmaz | Unsplash

There are lots of cafes here too. Stop for a coffee (and perhaps another pastry) as you take in the views.

Day 1 – Lunch and Late Afternoon:

Explore the Jewish Quarter

The Jewish quarter is walkable from the Old Town Square. This is a notable neighborhood as it wasn’t destroyed by the Nazis during the war. It’s a great place for those who love history, architecture, and museums. Places of interest include:

  • The Old Jewish Cemetery.
  • The Spanish Synagogue embodies Moorish architecture and was built in 1868. They sometimes host classical music concerts, which are definitely worth a watch!
  • The Jewish Museum, with its many exhibitions and galleries regarding Prague’s Jewish heritage. This ticket will also get you into four of the Quarter’s ancient synagogues and the Jewish Cemetery.
  • The Franz Kafka Monument, which celebrates the famous Prague-born writer
The Old Jewish Cemetery houses over 12 000 graves. Photo: Emmanuel Dyan | Wikimedia

Stop for a bite on trendy Paris Street and explore the boutiques, high-end restaurants, and local cafes.

Day 1 – Evening:

Enjoy the Vltava River

Unwind with a stroll along the river and rent a pedal boat to experience the river in style. There are plenty of cafes and river-side pubs here too. Sip some local beer on the terrace and watch the boats sail by. Across the river, you’ll find loads of restaurants and eateries. Try some local delicacies like Vepřo Knedlo Zelo (pork dumplings with sauerkrau) or Koleno (pork knuckle). The latter dates back to the 11th century and is often served on a wooden board along with a serrated knife.

If you enjoy clubbing, it’s time to hit the club scene (things usually kick off around 11 pm!)

Day 2 – Morning:

Morning: Prague Castle Complex

Start your morning in true style by exploring the other side of the river. This part of the river is known as Lesser Town since it’s much smaller in size. Despite the name, there is undoubtedly much to do. Built in the 9th century, Prague Castle is one of the biggest castles in the world . The complex spans around 70,000 m², so pop on those walking shoes! The castle complex includes many sites, including palaces, gardens, towers, chapels, churches, and halls.

Explore the wonders of Prague’s Castle Complex. Photo: Kwan Fungoes | Unsplash

Other important sites at the castle complex include:

St George’s Basilica: This medieval church was once a monastery and is also the burial site of many ancient rulers.

Golden Alley: Visit this charming but narrow street, named after the goldsmiths who once dwelled here.

St Vitus Cathedral: The Baroque-style cathedral was built in the 10th century. Enjoy the renaissance art, stained glass windows, ancient tombs, and brilliant gargoyles.

• Nearby Chotkovy Sady Park: Appreciate the gorgeous city views from this hilltop park. Some say you’ll get the best views of the city here.

Day 2 – Lunch and Afternoon:

Explore Malá Strana

Spend your afternoon perusing the quaint streets of Malá Strana and enjoy lunch at a local eatery. The hillside neighborhood is filled with beautiful churches, casual cafes, and lovely parks where peacocks roam freely. If you love literature, explore the Kafka Museum with its first-edition books, personal documents, and photographs.

You should also check out the John Lennon Wall, which pays homepage to the icon and various local and international causes. If you like fine dining, the Kampa area has some fantastic restaurants.

Read the messages on the Lennon Wall, and ‘give peace a chance.’ Photo: Hammad S |Unsplash

Day 2 – Evening:

Black Light Theatre Play or Music Concert

Spend your last night immersing yourself in the cultural charm of the city. If you love music, it is definitely worth visiting the St Clement Cathedral for one of their classical music shows. You can also check out one of Prague’s famous black-light theatre shows. During these shows, actors wear black and pair fluorescent objects with various dances, mimes, and acrobatics. This makes for a thrilling performance.

Explore the gorgeous Baroque interior of St Clement Cathedral, built in 1711. Photo: Jerry Strzelecki | Wikimedia.

The Takeaway

Prague is a charming city, filled to the brim with history, art, and culture. If you visit the Golden City for a weekend, these places are a must!


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