When Is The Best Time To Visit Florida?

Florida is at the top of everyones US destination list, whether it’s for the beaches or the theme parks. In this guide we’ll break down down the seasons for the best time to visit Florida.
Miami. Photo: Ashley Satanosky | Unsplash

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Golden sandy beaches, home of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Universal Studios and adrenaline-filled Busch Gardens; Florida is one of the most popular destinations in the United States for a reason. Drawing crowds year-round for various trips and events, Florida is a sub-tropical climate so is also exposed to Hurricane season.

In this seasonal guide, we’ll walk through a monthly season overview to help you choose when’s the best time to visit Florida. 

South Beach. Photo: Joël de Vriend | Unsplash

High Season (March to August) – Hot & Crowded

The months of March to August are the busiest in Florida, with travellers visiting from around the globe but also from within the US. The beaches of South Florida are at their peak during spring break when US college kids and partygoers flock to the shores for some springtime fun. 

During the summer months, the northern Florida beaches become busiest due to their proximity to major theme parks and attractions. Any beaches near Orlando and Tampa Bay will be crowded in the summer months. 

Whilst the weather in March to April will be warm and fresh, it soon changes to hot and humid from May to August. 

Walt Disney World Orlando. Photo: Quick PS | Unsplash

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Shoulder Season (February & September) – Cool & Less Crowded

The shoulder season months of February and September are some of the cooler but drier months to visit, either before the craziness of the spring and summer period, or after the summer high. September is still hot and humid, which brings the likelihood of tropical storms and the possibility of a Hurricane at this time. 

Sometimes the storms can be short, sharp showers, other times they can escalate so travelling during the Hurricane season is at the traveller’s risk. Whilst the chance of a Hurricane is low, it’s down to individual choice whether you wish to visit Florida at this time of year.

During the shoulder season, beaches and theme parks are less crowded, and the cost of accommodation also drops around 20% – 30% meaning a trip can be significantly cheaper. No one can predict the weather, but if you’re open to taking the risk then a visit in these months can cost considerably less and just be as enjoyable. 

Miami. Photo: Felipe Simo | Unsplash

Low Season (October – January) – Festive & Fun

Beach resorts become quieter, theme parks less crowded, and the weather becomes cooler with a mixture of dry and showery days. The months of October to January see accommodation prices decrease by 50%, but they will spike around public holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The low season can be some of the best months to visit for outdoor activities due to the lower temperatures and lower humidity. Although there’s a chance of showers, Florida’s tropical climate remains drier than most places during the winter. 

If you visit theme parks, Disney will decorate their parks to match the season e.g. October will be decorated for Halloween, and November to December will be decorated for Christmas. Visiting during these months can be pretty and memorable, but be prepared to pay a little extra if staying at the Disney resort during the festive period.


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