The Best Time To Visit Bali, Indonesia

Thinking of visiting Bali? Find out when’s the best time to visit Bali, Indonesia and discover why it’s the perfect travel destination for your next vacation.
Temple in Bali, Indonesia
Temple in Bali, Indonesia. Photo: Pixabay

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So, it’s time to schedule your next vacation. You want to explore somewhere new—someplace tropical, and, oozing with culture. Some exotic region around the world that’ll place you smack dab in the middle of a fun and immersive cultural experience in the morning, and by afternoon’s time, on a sandy, crystal-clear water beach with a tasty cocktail in hand. But where does such a place exist?

Two words: Bali, Indonesia—the closest you’ll get to truly experiencing paradise on Earth.

Imagine, year-round tropical weather. Gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, forestry, and even volcanoes, just waiting for you to explore. Crazy for outdoor activities? Try hiking, rafting, cliff jumping, and scuba diving. Afterwards, soothe your mind, body, and spirit, with a trip to one of the region’s endless yoga, spa, and wellness centers.     

Plus, discover ancient temples and historical artifacts. Feast on mouthwatering, authentic Indonesian food. And most importantly, relax, refresh, and replenish in one of the safest, family-friendly, highly-rated travel destinations in the world.  

So, now that we’ve undoubtedly got your attention, let’s move on to the next questions: How’s the weather and when’s the best time of the year to visit Bali?    

Tourists explore a temple in Bali, Indonesia. Photo: Kinzi | Pixabay

The Weather in Bali Makes it Suitable to Visit All Year Round

Let’s see … today. Tomorrow. Yesterday! Thanks to being located close to the equator, Bali is warm and humid all year round, meaning technically, you can visit in any season.

Nevertheless, under the guise of great annual weather are two essential things to consider: Bali’s dry and wet seasons, and in turn, the busiest and slower times of the year for crowds and tourism.

What to Expect During Bali’s Dry Season

Bali’s dry season last from April through October. During these months, the region receives less rainfall—no more than 10cm and a total of 12 days max in a month—paving the way for more beautiful tropical sunshine. During the day, average temperatures stay between 79-82 degrees, with pleasant breezes in the evening and night.

With that, it’s the best season to tour the island and enjoy wonderful outdoor activities. Unearth the traditions and customs of local villages or hop in a natural hot springs bath. Gaze out at breathtaking rice terraces—we suggest Jatiluwih—and experience nature like you’ve seen.

When you’re not partaking in water activities like ‘beaching’, surfing, boating, or Waterbom water park, try joining a trekking tour, visiting Bali zoo, or exploring Bali’s most iconic temple, Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang.        

Summer months—July and August—are the busiest times to visit Bali. School’s out, the weather is great, and there are more opportunities to explore Bali’s exciting outdoor attractions, which brings in an influx of tourist from around the world. If you’re the type to enjoy being surrounded by lots of people on vacation, July and August are the best times to book your trip to Bali.

Boat ready for beachgoers in Bali, Indonesia. Photo: Desfosse | Pixabay

Should You Visit Bali During its Wet Season?

Bali’s wet season—November through March—can receive anywhere between 17-35cm of rain, with the average number of rainy days in a month sitting in the 20s. That means to expect downpours and thunderstorms on occasion.  

Does that mean you shouldn’t visit Bali during this time? Of course not! Despite the rain, temperatures will continually fall between 78-82 degrees, and rainfall rarely last days at a time, meaning you can enjoy nearly all of the exciting activities on your travel itinerary—sightseeing, water activities, off-road excursions, parks, hikes, nightlife, temples—without skipping beat.

What’s more, though you’ll find the island generally quieter during wet season, Bali’s peak time of year is also around Christmas and New Year. Should you love a good mix of tropical sunshine, rain, indoor/outdoor activities, and festive crowds, then December and January are the perfect time to visit Bali.    

Beautiful rice terraces in Bali, Indonesia. Photo: Jorge Franganillo | Flickr

So, Can You Recommend Specific Months for Visiting Bali?

We recommend visiting Bali during April, May, June, September, and October. These months are just before and after peak season in Bali—July, August / December, and January—and are also less humid and receive less rain than any other time of year.

Plus, you’ll find many great deals on service and hospitality fees, like room bookings and shop products, and fewer crowds out while you’re trying to discover the best things Bali has to offer.  

A traditional ceremony in Bali, Indonesia. Photo: Agung, Atmaja | Pixabay

The Next Step …

Remember? Tropical weather? Check. Cultural? Yep. Beaches? Got it. Hey, who wouldn’t want that on any vacation? Bali is all that and more. Now that you know when’s the best time to visit, it might just be time to book your next great adventure of a lifetime in Bali, Indonesia.


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