Is Doha Expensive To Visit?

Find out whether Doha is expensive to visit with an overview of prices across accommodation, transportation, and attractions.
Is Doha Expensive to Visit? Photo: waseemlazkani | Pixabay

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Let me be the first to welcome you to Doha, the capital city and bustling financial center of Qatar, which if you didn’t know, is currently the richest country in the world. I know, whoa.  

And even though Doha is considered the most expensive city in the world, you may find it surprising that prices across 3 travel categories—accommodation, transportation, and attractions—are not as bad as you might think.   

Currency Rate

First, let’s just get this one out of the way. Here’s a list of how Qatari Rials stacks up against common currencies around the world, as of late 2022:

1 USD = QR3.64

1 EURO = QR3.83

1 RUPEE = QR.04


1 CAD = QR2.69

The artificial islands of Doha. Photo: konevi | Pixabay


Hotel prices in Doha are pretty black-and-white. You’ll find moderate to expensive rates, ranging from around $50 to $100+ per night. Some of the cheapest prices you’ll find—as in less than $75 daily—lie in Al Mansoura, near MIA Park, and close to the National Museum of Qatar. Plus, hotels near inner-city souqs, which are traditional marketplaces, are notoriously cheaper than most areas across town.

Moreover, you’ll also find that highly-rated luxury hotels are very commonplace in Doha. Most, like Hilton Dohan The Pearl Hotel & Residence, and The Ritz Carlton Doha, are situated along the waterfront promenade facing the Arabian Gulf.

As Doha is one of the most popular cities to visit in Qatar, you’ll have no problem finding a hotel on a moderately priced budget.

VERDICT: Moderate       

Hotel prices are moderate to expensive. Photo: walsarabi | Pixabay


Common methods of transportation in Doha include buses, metro, taxis, and car rentals. Doha’s public bus services venture between Hamad International Airport and the city. Standard fares are usually QR3 to QR4 within Doha, or about $0.82 to $1, using a Karwa Smart Card.    

Doha Metro features 37 stations across 3 lines. The standard commuter price is QR2 per journey, or about $0.55, and use of the Goldclub class—a fancier seating cabin—is QR10, or $2.75.

What’s more, you’ll only need to spend a total of QR6 ($1.65) to get unlimited rides throughout the day in the standard cabin, and QR30 ($8.25) in Goldclub.

As for taxis, Doha’s Karwa taxis start at QR4 ($1.10), and rates per kilometer vary per time of day and waiting periods. Due note, however, that the minimum fare for a taxi is QR10 ($2.75). By the way, Doha is equipped with Uber and Careem, which are ride-hailing apps.  

VERDICT: Inexpensive

Doha Metro. Photo: Ras_Rns | Pixabay


Doha is packed with exciting things to do, from family fun activities to outdoor adventures and romantic getaways. Let’s check out the prices for popular attractions in Doha:

National Museum of Qatar: QR100 ($27)

Angry Birds World Theme Park: QR150+ ($40+)

Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park: QR295 ($80+)

Museum of Islamic Art: QR100 ($27)

Souq Waqif: FREE

The Pearl: FREE

Museum of Illusions: QR80 ($22)

Aspire Park: FREE


Doha Corniche: FREE

Zubarah Fort: QR35 ($10)

Doha has plenty of free things to do and enjoy so you won’t need to spend big bucks on attractions. But even if you do, you’ll save more money because of the wide-ranging options that won’t cost you a dime.

Doha has a wide range of attractions. Photo: thiagosalgados | Pixabay

What’s Next?

So now that you’ve got a better idea of whether or not Doha is expensive, are you still confident in planning your adventure? Knowing that there are tons of free-to-budgeted activities to experience, will you spend more on a hotel? Or, will you budget as much as possible so you can take advantage of nearby adventures in the region? Whatever you do, surely you’ll have a great time. Safe and happy travels!


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