How To Get To San Marino – The Ultimate Guide

San Marino should be on your list if you’re looking for fairytale castles, quaint medieval streets, scrumptious food, and a delightful atmosphere. It may be small, but as they say, “dynamite comes in small packages.”
Ancient San Marino is a medieval masterpiece. Photo: Lorenzo Castagnone | Unsplash

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You might be wondering where on Earth San Marino is, and you certainly wouldn’t be alone in asking the question. San Marino is a tiny, landlocked nation in Northern Italy, located to the east of Florence. It’s only 60 square kilometers, making it one of the smallest countries in the world. It’s also the oldest sovereign state, dating back to the 14th century AD.

Since this charming mountainous micro-state doesn’t have its own airport or train station, travelers will need to get to Rimini in Italy and then head to San Marino by taxi or bus from there. In this guide, we share the best way to get to San Marino and explore some of the top attractions once you’re there.

Explore the Three Towers of Mount Titano. Photo: Daniel Macura | Unsplash

Getting to San Marino from Rimini, Italy

If you’re ready to explore the dazzling yet often-overlooked nation of San Marino, your best bet is to get there via Rimini

What’s the deal with Rimini?

Experience a Rimini sunset as you meander around the harbour. Photo: Marijana Vasic | Unsplash

Rimini is located in the Emilia-Romagna Regione of northern Italy and is famous for being an art city filled with gorgeous ancient Roman and Renaissance Monuments. If you’re heading to San Marino from here, it might be worth spending a few days in Rimini if you have the time. Travelers can fly into Rimini’s airport (Federico Fellini International) from national and international destinations or catch a train if they’re already in Italy.

Rimini to San Marino

Once you’re in Rimini, you can get to San Marino by bus, taxi, or, if you fancy an almost 5-hour trek – by foot. (Would not recommend it!)

Bus – 50 Minutes

The most affordable way to get to San Marino from Rimini is by the Bonelli Bus. The bus runs all year long – including weekends and holidays and tickets can be purchased on the bus itself or at a ticket sales point. It’s advisable to purchase tickets from a sales point during the summer months as those with tickets in hand will get first priority to board the bus.

Catch line 160 for 5 Euros, and you’ll arrive in San Marino in 50 minutes. The bus will have S. Marino as its final stop.

The bus has several stops in Rimini, and these differ according to season. The bus can be caught from the following locations in summer and winter respectively:


  1. Piazza Alberto Marvelli – Near Rimini’s central beaches and the tourist center
  2. Stazione FFSS, Piazzale Cesare Battisti (the square to the left of Rimini’s station building when facing its main entrance)
  3. Arco D’Augusto on Largo Unità d’Italia Street
  4. Rimini is V.Della Fiera (S.Spirito)

In the summer months, the bus runs every 1 hour and 15 minutes between 8 am and 7:15 pm.

The Historical Capital in San Marino. Matteo Panara | Unsplash


  1. Stazione FFSS, Piazzale Cesare Battisti (the square to the left of Rimini’s station building when facing its main entrance)
  2. Arco D’Augusto on Largo Unità d’Italia Street
  3. Rimini is V.Della Fiera (S.Spirito)

In the winter months, buses depart every day (usually every 1 to 2 hours)

Pick up bus timetables at the ticket offices or online.

Once in San Marino

Once you get to San Marino, the Bonelli Bus will make several stops. The final and most popular is at the San Marino Historical Center.

Taxi – 20 Minutes

You can also catch a taxi to San Marino if you want to avoid public transport. This will cost around 40 Euros, and the journey takes approximately 20 minutes.

What about visa checkpoints?

Even though San Marino is an independent state, there are no visa checkpoints since you’ve been in Italy.

Top Attractions in San Marino

San Marino might be small, but there is much to see and do. This hilly state’s highest point is that of Mount Titano. Here you will find the capital city, also called San Marino.

Once you’ve traversed Rimini and arrived in San Marino, there is much to do. Top attractions include:

Rocca Guaita (Guaita Fortress): This 11th-century fortress is located on the ridge of Mount Titano. Once a prison and then restructured for various uses, the fortress offers incredible panoramic views of the gorgeous landscape. Just note that there is some climbing involved to reach the tower.

Mount Titano: This is the highest point of San Marino (standing tall at 739 meters). You can explore three castles or towers once here. The highest of them, Rocca Cesta, houses an ancient arms museum with thousands of age-old weapons. On a crystal clear day, you might be able to see as far as Croatia’s Dalmation coast from atop the mount.

Stroll around Piazza della libertà. Photo : Patrick | Unsplash

Museum of Curiosities: A quirky and certainly curious excursion is a trip to the Museum of Curiosities. The museum houses over 100 objects and strange inventions, each with its own story. Spot the nose watch, which was created to pump different smells each hour, the world’s longest fingernails, 60-cm high clogs made to be worn during Venice’s high waters, and an innovative flea trap.

Basilica di San Marino: This 19th century encapsulates Neo-classical design at its finest.

Catch the cable car: If you want to see San Marino from atop the world, San Marino’s Funavia is a must! Enjoy captivating views across the Adriatic sea and vast panoramas of verdant farmland.

Convent and Art Gallery San Francisco: The convent, built in 1400, is home to an art museum known for an impressive collection of 16th-century paintings

San Marino is also famed for delicious wine and cheesemaking, so be sure to delight in some tasty local treats.

Explore San Marino’s lush landscape and red tiled buildings from the cable car. Photo: Thomas Haas | Unsplash

The Takeaway

Some might overlook San Marino by virtue of its size, but it’s an incredible micro-nation worthy of a visit if you find yourself adventuring through northern Italy.


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