Fiji’s Best Beaches: 2023 Guide

Fiji is known for having some of the most pristine beaches in the world. So, if you’re planning a trip there in 2023, these are the best beaches you need to visit.
Best Beaches in Fiji. Photo: Josaia Cakacaka | Unsplash

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Located in the South Pacific, the island nation of Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands, home to stunning beaches and jaw-dropping scenery. 

Fiji’s beaches are known for being some of the most pristine in the world. So a trip to the country wouldn’t be complete without ticking some of the best beaches off your list. 

While there are only a few must-visit beaches on the main island (Viti Levu), most of the stunning beaches can be found on the surrounding islands. 

So, if you’re planning a trip to Fiji in 2023, here are the ten best beaches you must visit. 

Natadola Beach, Viti Levu 

Located on the main island of Viti Levu, Natadola Beach is one of the best in Fiji. 

A 30-minute drive from Nadi will take you to this little slice of paradise on the Coral Coast. Known for its vast stretch of white sand and azure sea, this beach is perfect for swimming and surfing. 

As it’s the only beach on this list on the main island of Fiji, and because of its easy access, it’s a must-visit in 2023!

Long Beach, Nacula 

Nacula is the third-largest island in the Yasawas island group and is known for its rugged hills and soft peaks. It’s also home to Long Beach, one of the best in Fiji!

Long Beach is located on one of the best stretches of coast in the Yasawas. The beach boasts gorgeous white sand easing into the cerulean sea. 

Unlike other beaches on the island, swimming at Long Beach is possible at low tide without trudging over an exposed coral shelf. 

Blue Lagoon, Nanuya Lailai 

Blue Lagoon. Photo: Roderick Eime | Flickr

Blue Lagoon beach is the most famous of all the Yasawas’ beaches. Living up to its name, Blue Lagoon beach boasts stunning azure water and is perfect for swimmers, snorkellers and divers. 

While snorkelling may be great for seeing fish, the coral has been damaged over recent years. So, be careful not to add to it when you explore the depths. 

Lavena Beach, Taveuni 

The island of Taveuni is famous for divers who visit the Somosomo Strait to see colourful coral, thousands of fish and the occasional turtle, shark or pilot whale. 

However, the real winner of Taveuni is Lavena Beach. This beach is the perfect place to lay your towel on the island, catch some sun and swim in the crystal clear waters.

The beach is also lined with stunning palm trees, perfect for getting some shade!

Qalito Island (Castaway Island) 

Officially named Qalito Island, Castaway Island is a Fijian favourite. 

This island boasts not one but two pristine, white-sand beaches on either side. The beaches are easily accessible through the resort (the only one on the island). Or, if you’re up for an adventure, you can climb around the island at low tide to get to the beaches. 

With a backdrop of lush rainforest, the beaches boast gorgeous sand and even more beautiful turquoise waters, perfect for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing. 

Honeymoon Beach, Nanuya Levu 

Nanuya Levu is a privately owned island in the Yasawas island group and is home to the exclusive resort of Turtle Island. 

Honeymoon Beach is a picture-perfect beach boasting white sand, lush palms and pristine water. You’ll probably be the only one on the beach, too, as Turtle Island only accommodates 14 couples at a time, with 14 beaches to choose from. 

Horseshoe Bay, Matagi Island 

Located on the privately owned Matagi Island, Horseshoe Bay is one of the best beaches you have to visit in Fiji in 2023. 

True to its name, Horseshoe Bay is a horseshoe-shaped beach boasting powder-soft sand and gorgeous reefs right offshore. 

This beach is definitely worth visiting as it’s been named among the world’s must-sees in the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. 

Seagrass Bay, Laucala Island 

Laucala Island is a privately owned island home to Laucala Island Resort, and the only way to visit Seagrass Bay is to stay at the luxury resort. 

Seagrass Bay is a private beach and the 3,000-acre island’s most stunning beach. Boasting long stretches of white sand and the best snorkelling on the island, it’s worth the money to stay at the resort to visit this beach. 

Sunset Beach, Mana Island 

Fiji is known for its spectacular island sunsets, so it’s no wonder Sunset Beach is a must-visit. 

Located on Mana Island, Sunset Beach faces west to capture the breathtaking sunset every day. 

Sunset Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Fiji. Its white sand, coconut palms, and azure water is perfect during the day and becomes even more spectacular as the sun goes down.

Spend your day there, and stay for the jaw-dropping sunset. 

Long Beach, Kadavu Island

Finally, one of the best beaches in Fiji you have to visit in 2023 is Long Beach (the second beach of this name on the list!). 

As the name suggests, Long Beach is the longest beach on the island, perfect for those long, tropical beach walks. 

Stretching many kilometres, Long Beach runs along the island’s north shore and boasts pristine white sand and cerulean water, perfect for swimming and snorkelling. A short 10-minute boat ride also offers easy and stunning diving opportunities on Kadavu’s fringing reefs. 

Final Thoughts

Fiji Island. Photo: Prem Kurumpanai | Unsplash

With so many stunning beaches to choose from, it’s no wonder the South Pacific nation of Fiji draws in thousands of tourists annually.

From long, white sandy beaches with azure blue water to beaches surrounded by lush rainforests, the diversity in beaches in Fiji is unmatched.

While some of the beaches on this list are a lot more exclusive and hard to get to, that just adds to the fun! 

Which of these stunning beaches in Fiji will you visit first in 2023? 


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