The 8 Best Beaches In India

Think of India, and so many things probably come to mind: Bright colors, delectable cuisine, gorgeous landscapes, and iconic architecture. But have you ever explored the wonderful world of India’s beaches? If not, this guide is for you!
Glorious Goa. Photo : Raja Sen | Unsplash

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Let’s begin and explore the 8 best beaches in India:

1. Radhanagar Beach -Andaman Islands: Perfect for relaxation and Insta-worthy snaps

Gorgeous Radhanagar Beach where the forest and the ocean meet. Photo: Sahil | Unsplash

Nestled on Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach is one of India’s most famed beaches. In fact, it was awarded the title of 7th best beach in the world by The Times. With its turquoise waters, lush green forest, and endless stretches of white sand, it truly is the stuff that postcards are made of. The beach is ideal for swimming and chilling out. It’s also a must for those wanting to capture an unforgettable sunset. Witness the captivating assortment of orange hues juxtaposed with the blue waters and green forest as you enjoy a sundowner or picnic.

Top tip: Visit Neil’s Cove lagoon, which is a 10-minute walk from the beach, and pop into one of the luxury hotels for an incredible lunch.

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2 and 3: Ashwem Beach and Mandrem Beach, Goa – Great for romantic getaways

Goa is known for its abundance of gorgeous beaches. Photo: Alexey Turenkov | Unsplash

Both Ashwem Beach and Mandrem Beach in Northern Goa have much to offer in terms of beauty and serenity. Ashwem beach, with its gorgeous ocean vistas, is characterized by huge coconut palms sprawling along the shoreline and brightly colored fisherman shacks. Ashwem beach connects to Mandrem, making both locations ideal spots for beach bums. There are also several cafes and eateries on the beach, and visitors can borrow kayaks if they’re keen on some adventure.

Mandrem is a lot quieter, making it the perfect beach if you want to escape the bustle. The serene beachfront boasts breathtaking views and white sand, making it a wonderful place to catch up on some rest and relaxation.

Top tip: Pop into Paradise Beach shack at Ashvem for some scrumptious seafood.

4. Azhithala Beach, Neeleshwar: A peaceful tropical spot known for sublime sunsets

Visit the Bekal Fort when you’re in Kerala. Photo: Vijayanrajapuram | Wikimedia

If you’re looking for a totally calming and sublime beach getaway, Azhithala beach in northern Kerala has it all. The secluded beach is slightly off the beaten track and known for the Casuarina tree forest that lines its turquoise shores. The remote area – which is home to an abundance of fishermen – has only opened up to tourism in recent years, making it a truly tranquil haven.

Azhithala is known for magical sunsets, an array of food vendors selling tasty snacks – (hello seafood fritters) – and the Neeleshwar hermitage Hotel for fine dining. Travelers should note that the swell can get a little rough at times, so small children and weaker swimmers should always be supervised and stay in the shallower waters.

Top tip: Between August and March, you can spot turtles laying their eggs. This is a must-see experience for nature lovers.

5. Auroville Beach, Pondicherry – Best for Serenity and Surfing

Monsoon season in Pondicherry. Photo: Abinhav | Unsplash

Located about 12 kilometers outside of the French Colonial Town of Pondicherry, Auroville beach (affectionately known as ‘Auro’) is a prominent beach, much loved by locals and surfers alike. Auro offers visitors gorgeous views, absolute peace, and crystal-clear waters, making it picture-perfect for beach-loving travelers.

After a day of exploring, catch the scintillating sunset over the Bay of Bengal, and be sure to explore the town of Auroville. Pondicherry is a must-see spot for those with a penchant for colonial-era architecture and French Asian fusion cuisine. You can also visit the famed Aurobindo Ashram, walk the seaside promenade, or stroll along the white sands of Paradise Beach.

Top tip: If you want to catch some waves, why not consider enrolling in the local surfing school at Auro that runs each year from October to Feb? Oh, and be sure to catch a snap of Pondicherry’s famous lighthouse as the sun goes down.

6. Tarkarli Beach, Maharashtra – For diving and adventure

Fishermen in Tarkarli. Photo: Sandeep Wairkar | Wikimedia

This dreamy beach will steal your heart with its beauty and charm. If you’re looking for clean, sandy beaches, gentle ocean currents, lush verdant greenery, and a bucketload of sporting opportunities, this is the beach! Located about three hours from Goa, this hidden gem offers fewer crowds and total serenity.

It’s also the place if you love scuba diving. There are loads of scuba camps in the area, and certified instructors will guide you through the pristine and magical waters of the Arabian sea. Visitors can also enjoy speed boating, jet-skiing, parasailing, and snorkeling.

Top tip: Visit the backwaters where the Karli River meets the Arabian sea at Devbaugh Beach and catch a ferry to the historic Sindhudurg naval fort.

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7. Varkala Beach, Kerala – For captivating landscapes and yoga

The dramatic cliffs of Varkala. Photo: Abishek Rajeev | Wikimedia

Located 10 km away from the Hamlet of Varkala, this stunning beach offers a unique landscape with its dramatic cliffs and crystal blue waters. Soak up the natural beauty as you relax on the sand or splash in the gentle waves. The landscape alone is enough to take your breath away, and the cliff walk offers incredible views. The beach is also famous for its natural spring which is said to have healing and curative properties.

Top tip: This is a yogi and Ayurveda alternative medicine hotspot, making it an ideal destination for some R&R.

8. Kaup, Karnataka – For history and geography lovers

Kaup Lighthouse at sunset. Photo: Lalithmalhaar Gudi | Unsplash

A stone’s throw from the temple town of Udupi, Kaup beach is nestled in the backwaters of the Netravati river. The beach is undeniably charming with its lush green trees, golden sands, and hues of blue. Visitors can also experience incredible views (and glorious sunsets) from the lighthouse, which was built in 1901. It’s said that the Portuguese explorer Vasco de Game stopped at Kaup Beach in the 1490s en route to Kerala.

Top tip: Catch a boat ride to St Mary’s Islands (known as Coconut Island.) This set of four small islands is known for its unique geological formations of columnar rhyolitic lava.

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The Takeaway

India has so much to offer ocean lovers. Whether you want to kick back and enjoy a good book as you soak up the sunshine, explore underwater worlds on diving excursions, or hit the surf, there is definitely a beach for you! And if you want to explore more historical sites, why not explore the North and visit the Taj Mahal?

What are some of your favorite beaches in India? We would love to hear from you!


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