Bermuda To Scrap All COVID-Related Travel Rules

Joining 120+ other countries around the world, Bermuda is finally dropping all COVID-related travel rules. Here’s what we know so far and what it means for travellers.
Bermuda to Scrap COVID-Related Travel Rules. Photo: Kino | Unsplash

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Bermuda has dropped its travel authorisation (TA) process two weeks earlier than initially scheduled to streamline the travel experience for visitors. 

The requirement for an approved TA, the associated $40 fee and proof of vaccination or medical insurance will no longer be a condition of travel to Bermuda from 14 November. Previously, the Bermuda government announced that COVID-19 legislation would come to an end on 30 November. 

Instead, the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) will reinstate the Bermuda Arrival Card. This is a digital form that was in place before the pandemic. However, there is no fee for this form, and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete. 

“Our government has delivered on its pledge to protect the health and safety of our residents and visitors, and now with the earlier end date for the TA, travel to Bermuda will be simpler for our visitors,” said Vance Campbell, Bermuda’s tourism minister. 

A Long Time Coming

Bermuda Pink Sand Beach. Photo: Sandra Seitamaa | Unsplash

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory known for its beautiful pink sand beaches and crystal clear waters. 

The island, which is a popular port of call on cruises, took a surprisingly long time to reopen fully. 

The United Kingdom was one of the first countries in Europe to drop mask mandates and removed all entry requirements in March. However, its territory, Bermuda, didn’t even allow unvaccinated visitors until August. 

Finally, Bermuda has caught up, joining the 120+ countries worldwide that have dropped all travel restrictions and entry requirements. 

Why You Should Visit Bermuda 

Visit Bermuda. Photo: Sandra Seitamaa | Unsplash

Bermuda is a stunning island destination perfect for a getaway from the United States and Canada. 

While the island nation isn’t in the Caribbean, it has a similar feel to those islands. Bermuda experiences fantastic weather and is known for its jaw-dropping beaches, with pink sand and clear, turquoise waters. 

Although the island is dropping its travel entry requirements in November, the best time to visit is from May to October. During these months, the island experiences the warmest weather. However, it is the busiest period, so prices may be higher than in off-season months. 

If you wish to travel when prices are low, there are fewer people, and the weather is still good, visiting during the off-season (spring and autumn) is the best option for you. 

Some of the best things to do in Bermuda include relaxing on the beach, snorkelling, scuba diving and more.

Now that the island nation will be fully open on 14 November, will you book a trip?


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