Inside The New Orient Express La Dolce Vita

Italy’s newest luxury train, the Orient Express La Dolce Vita, is set to take passengers across Italy in 2024. Here’s what we know so far about the luxury train.
La Dolce Vita Lounge. Renderings Orient Express La Dolce Vita by Dimorestudio | Accor

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Have you ever wanted to explore Italy’s beautiful and vast regions by train? Why not take it to the next level and travel in luxury? 

The new Italian Orient Express La Dolce Vita luxury train is set to take passengers across Italy in 2024. 

While it may be over a year away, pre-bookings became available on 6 December. 

The five-star service, run by the Accor group with the support of Trenitalia, will travel between the north and south of the country, taking passengers on a journey like no other. 

Luxury Itineraries 

Passenger Suite. Renderings Orient Express La Dolce Vita by Dimorestudio | Accor Group

Six itineraries will take passengers from the Alps to Tuscany and the beautiful South Coast beaches. Passengers will get to travel to Venice, Rome, Matera and Palermo and more along more than 16,000 km of railway lines. 

The itineraries have been designed to create exclusive travel experiences while revealing the jewels of Italy. Travellers can relax in luxury as they pass through some of the most beautiful regions in the country. 

One and two-night itineraries are available aboard the luxury train. 

One-night itineraries include travelling through the vineyards of Tuscany or witnessing the spectacular views of the Sicilian coast from Rome to Palermo.

Two-night itineraries include a route between Rome, Venice and Portofino. Another itinerary consists of a route between Rome, Venice and Siena. 

A route from Rome to Matera’s UNESCO World Heritage sites is also available. Passengers can also enjoy an adventure through Sicily from Palermo to the Valley of the Temples to Mount Etna. 

La Dolce Vita 

Passenger Suite. Renderings Orient Express La Dolce Vita by Dimorestudio | Accor Group

The luxury train pays tribute to the years of “La Dolce Vita”, a fantastic period of history to Italy’s artistic and cultural fervour in the 1960s. 

Designed by Dimorestudio, the Orient Express La Dolce Vita train combines the Italian way of life with the modern spirit of travel. The interiors of the train are a nod to the 1960s golden age of Italian design. Curved lines, geometric shapes and a retro colour palette link the various cabins, suites and restaurants. 

There will be 12 deluxe cabins and 18 suites on the train. There will also be one La Dolce Vita suite and a restaurant with the best international chefs to treat travellers to a five-star dining experience. 

At Rome Ostiense station, the Orient Express Lounge will welcome passengers, offering a selection of refreshments and providing advice and recommendations for an unforgettable journey. 

While waiting for departure, passengers can watch a ballet performance, complete with Turkish guitars and Italian sweets. 

Once onboard, uniformed bellhops will guide passengers to their cabins. In the Bar Car, cocktails and live Italian music will accompany chess, backgammon and Scopa games. 

To secure your spot on this once-in-a-lifetime experience, prices start from 2,000 euros per person per night in a deluxe cabin. A deposit of 500 euros is required to book as a “priority traveller.”


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