Wow: Four Season’s New Yacht Has A Build Cost Of $4.2m Per Suite

It’s official. Four Seasons, the Canadian based hotel chain frequented by millions of people worldwide, is launching its own network of luxury yachts, and you wouldn’t believe what they’re spending to build it.
Four Season’s New Yacht Has a Build Cost Of $4.2m Per Suite. Photo: Four Seasons Press Room

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Four Seasons Yachts is the latest entrepreneurial venture led by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts President, Christian Clerc, and Marc-Henry Cruise Holding LTD.

With an expected delivery date of the first vessel in late 2025, the first fleet of Four Seasons’ yachts, which are currently being designed in Trieste, Italy by prominent shipbuilding group Fincantieri, will run 207 meters long, 27 meters wide, and host 95 suites across 14 decks. The price tag? Approximately 1.2 billion Euros.    

Speaking on the new endeavor, the president noted that “Four Seasons Yachts represents the next chapter of our long history of industry-leading innovation, and a milestone moment for our company as we continue to capitalize on new opportunities to extend the world of Four Seasons.”

“True vision rests in the ability to imagine the possibilities while always remaining loyal to one’s values. Our vision for this new venture does exactly that. Together with our partners at Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings LTD, we are creating something extraordinary that combines their expertise with what Four Seasons does best – delivering unmatched quality and excellence, surrounded by beautiful acts of service and love for our guests.”

The Yachts will have 95 suites and 14 decks. Photo: Four Seasons Press Room

But don’t anticipate Four Seasons Yachts to serve as just another average leisure voyage ship in the growing number of cruises on the seas. On the contrary, CEO Larry Pimentel’s goal of creating “the pinnacle yachting offering through world-class design, curated experiences, and truly exceptional service” is also backed by a whopping cash drop of $4.2 million spent per suite.

Each villa-styled suite will feature floor-to-ceiling windows, an expansive private terrace deck, and 2.4 meter tall walls, in a 54 sq. meter or 76 sq. meter indoor/outdoor space. In its entirety, the yacht will have 50% more living space than other cruises.    

The largest suite, nicknamed the “Funnel Suite”, will offer a spa, wading pool, and more than 892 sq. meters of combined space. Spanning four levels.  

As for amenities, Four Seasons Yacht will feature a total of eleven restaurants and bars offering stunning sea views, a full-service spa, salon, and wellness program, a large pool deck, an outdoor movie theatre, and event space, with more expected to come in the upcoming months.   

The first voyage will take place in 2025. Photo: Four Seasons Press Room

Furthermore, in an effort to minimize environmental waste, state-of-the-art technology, including green energy fuels, zero-emission energy sources, and sustainable construction and planning materials will be infused into the yacht design.  

“When we launch in 2025, there will be nothing else like it on the open seas”, says Larry Pimentel. “Our shipbuilding partnership with Fincantieri rounds out a triumvirate of industry leaders in this unprecedented luxury lifestyle project.”

Reservations for voyages on Four Seasons Yacht, which will initially travel to ports in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, are expected to open in late 2023.  


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