The 15 Best Places To Visit In April (Worldwide)

Planning a Spring getaway? We’ve handpicked cities, beach breaks and some of the most famous sights across the globe to show you the best places to visit in April.
Stupa Bodhnath Kathmandu, Nepal
Stupa Bodhnath Kathmandu, Nepal. Photo: Raimond Klavins | Unsplash

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So, you’ve made it through the winter months and what better way to reward yourself than with a spring holiday? April is a great time to travel to some of the best places in the world. You can discover cities without the hustle and bustle of the summer tourist crowds and the stiflingly hot temperatures. Let’s take a look at 15 of the best places to visit in April, from around the world.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam. Photo: Max van den Oetelaar | Unsplash

Amsterdam is a popular destination to visit any time of the year but in April the tulips, that make the city so famous, come to life creating amazing colourful backdrops to the streets. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, with its intricate canals and stunning architecture, so with the tulips in full bloom, they only add to its charm. 

There’s also plenty to see and do in Amsterdam, from Anne Frank’s house to the Van Gogh museum, there’s lots of history and culture to explore. Plus, there’s no better way to see the city than by joining the locals and renting a bike. Once you’ve peddled your way around the city, take a boat ride and enjoy the slower pace of life, taking in all the sights as you go.

Be sure to check out our guide on How To Spend 72 Hours In Amsterdam and you’ll discover everything you need to know before your visit.

Florida, United States

Islamorada, Florida Keys
Islamorada, Florida Keys. Photo: Keith Luke | Unsplash

The aptly-named Sunshine State makes for a perfect April getaway. If you’re looking for the warmest Florida temperatures, head to the southern tip of the state, such as Miami or the Florida Keys. The temperatures here reach around 26°C, with long sunny days.

Miami is a vibrant city with golden beaches, making it the perfect trip for those wanting to experience art, culture, and relaxation. On the other hand, the Florida Keys are a tropical paradise, with plenty of outdoor activities. You’ll never be far from the Atlantic Ocean, with snorkelling in coral reefs, seafront dining, and spectacular views.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia
Sydney. Photo: Dan Freeman | Unsplash

Across the other side of the globe, Sydney, Australia is in Autumn, but it is a great time of year to visit. Firstly, there will be fewer tourist crowds so you can move more freely around the city and its main tourist attractions. Additionally, the temperatures reach a high of around 23°C, with low humidity, meaning you can explore the city on foot quite comfortably. And with eight hours of sunshine each day, you’ll have plenty of time for sightseeing.

Sydney Habour and the Opera House are two of the city’s stand-out attractions. Take a trip on the Manly Ferry, which travels along Sydney Harbour, for impeccable views of the Opera House, Taronga Zoo and the many beaches. Or, if you’re feeling brave you can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the best views of the city. 


Havana, Cuba
Havana, Cuba. Photo: Spencer Everett | Unsplash

Cuba has to be one of the most interesting island countries in the world. Famed for its historic and colourful architecture, vintage cars and cigars, there’s nowhere else quite like it. In April you can expect hot, dry weather with highs of 29°C, without it getting too humid. This means visits to Cuba’s pristine beaches are a must.

Cuba is renowned for its fierce independence, which is evident in all aspects of the country. From the traditional buildings, non-commercialism and unique history of music, art, dance, and food, it’s a bucket-list destination. The capital city of Havana is a bustling hive of activity, with beautiful buildings, amazing restaurants and unbeatable cocktail bars. 

Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy
Naples. Photo: Danilo D’Agostino | Unsplash

Italian cities like Rome, Venice and Milan are usually busy all year round with tourists. However, the city of Naples has so much to offer if you’re looking for an authentic Italian experience. Whatsmore, it’s the birthplace of Neapolitan pizza, so you’re guaranteed to eat well. Naples’ April temperatures reach a mild 18°C, making it pleasant weather for exploring this picturesque coastal city.

The Bay of Naples sits in the shadow of the famous Mount Vesuvius, with the ancient ruins of Pompeii just a 40-minute train ride away. In the city itself, there are seven castles! Although the two most scenic ones are Castel Nuovo and Castel dell’Ovo, located along the coast. The Piazza del Plebiscito is a must-see with the Royal Palace, the Basilica of St. Francis of Paola, and the Prefecture and the Palace of Salerno surrounding the square. 

Nepal, South Asia

Nepal, South Asia
Nepal and Mount Everest. Photo: James Wheeler | Pexels

Nepal is one of the most stunning countries in the world. It has an incredibly rich culture and history, with a diverse geography. With impressive mountains and valleys, forests and plains, this beautiful country is a natural paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Nepal is home to eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains. This includes the most famous mountain of all, Mount Everest which is the highest point on Earth. 

April signals the beginning of the warmer season in Nepal, so it’s the optimal time to explore the great outdoors. With white water rafting, hiking in the Himalayas, bungee jumping, and tours to world heritage sites, there will never be a dull moment.

The city of Kathmandu is a metropolitan, bustling place where you can really get to know the culture and traditions of the Nepalese. You can enjoy the beautiful architecture and stunning ancient temples while sampling the cuisine and visiting contemporary museums and galleries.

Tokyo, Japan

The Meguro River during Cherry Blossom Season, Tokyo
The Meguro River during Cherry Blossom Season, Tokyo. Photo: Sora Sagano | Unsplash

Early April is Tokyo’s cherry blossom season when the trees are in their stunning full boom. April temperatures reach 19°C, which is much more pleasant than the swelteringly warm summers. Tourists and locals alike flock to the Nakameguro Cherry Blossom Festival, along the Megurogawa River and the Chiyoda Cherry Blossom Festival. The scenery during cheery blossom season feels magical, so don’t miss it.

As well as the cherry blossoms, Tokyo is one of the biggest, brightest and most energetic cities in the world. For endless views of the sprawling metropolis take a trip up to the top of the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in the world. You can also visit the impressive Senso-ji temple and walk across the world’s busiest intersection at the Shibuya Crossing (which is even better at night). 

There’s a plethora of exciting things to do in Tokyo, just read of our Tokyo Buket List guide for all the inspiration you need. 

Bali, Indonesia

Handara Gate, Bali
Hanadra Gate, Bali. Photo: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi | Pexels

Bali feels a bit like heaven on Earth. With so much natural beauty, from the mountains, waterfalls, lakes and incredible beaches, it’s paradise. There are also staggering temples, beautiful hotels and delicious organic food (grown in Bali’s rich and fertile soil). April is the very start of Bali’s dry season, with temperatures ranging from 25-32°C.  

Sights on your to-do list should include the Tanah Lot Temple, the Tegenungan Waterfall and the Handara Gate, to name just a few. Additionally, if you don’t mind heights then the Bali Swing is an amazing experience. 12 huge swings will push you back and forth over incredible panoramic views. The swings range in height from 39ft to a scary 255ft!

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peri
Machu Picchu, Peru. Photo: Willian Justen de Vasconcellos | Unsplash

One of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu is the adventure of a lifetime. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, this 15th-century Inca citadel in Sothern Peru is a breathtaking sight and a bit of a mystery too. Historians believe Matchu Picchu was abandoned just 100 years after its construction, sparking questions and debate about its original purpose.

The temperatures in Machu Picchu in April range between 22˚C during the day and 14˚C at night. So, it’s ideal to hike the Inca Trail or alternative trails at this time of year. 

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece
Athens. Photo: Jimmy Teoh | Pexels

The ancient city of Athens is a fantastic place to visit any time of the year but an April trip is perfect. Firstly the April weather is a warm average of 20˚C, a comfortable temperature for exploring the ancient ruins. Secondly, you’ll beat the main tourist crowds that arrive over the summer months. This means you can take your time at the popular attractions of the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora and the Temple of Poseidon.

Other sights worth seeing include the charming National Gardens and Lyabbettus Hill, one of the highest peaks in Athens. For something a little bit different, the Little Kook is a seasonally themed cafe adorned with colourful decorations. Its themes have included Alice In Wonderland, Mary Poppins, Peter Pan and much more.

Agra, India

The Taj Mahal, Agra India.
The Taj Mahal. Photo: Jovyn Chamb | Unsplash

Agra is best known for being the home of the world-famous Taj Mahal. This destination feels a bit controversial featuring in our guide to the best places to visit in April. We recommend visiting Agra in April as even though the temperatures are hot, with an average of 38°C, there will be few tourists. Impressive sights like the Taj Mahal can feel spoiled when tourists abound, so visiting during a quiet time will let you fully appreciate the beauty of the mausoleum. Make sure you read Everything You Need To Know About Visiting The Taj Mahal for a comprehensive guide.

While you’re here, you can also explore the impressive Agra Fort and the Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah. Head to the enchanting Mehtab Bagh park, where you’ll also be able to capture some great pictures of the Taj Mahal.

Paris, France

Paris, France
Paris. Photo: John Towner | Unsplash

Yes, Paris is one of those cities that will be busy year-round, but April is a great time to go. With mild weather and little rain, you can experience the city in all of its spring-time glory.  And do we really even need to tell you what there is to do in Paris? You can’t visit the city without trips to the Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame cathedral, the Louvre museum, the Champs-Élysées, Musee d’Orsay and the Place de la Concorde. 

In April, strolls along the Seine and walks through the Tuileries Garden are rewarded with the delights of the blooming trees. As well as all the fantastic sights, make sure you enjoy the city’s delightful cafes, bars and restaurants.

Seville, Spain

Plaza de España, Seville
Plaza de España, Seville. Photo: Natálie Viklická | Unsplash

For an authentic taste of Spain, Seville should be on everyone’s travel list. Located in the Andalusia region in southern Spain, Seville’s temperatures hit a nice 22°C. Less tourist crowds mean you can check out the city’s architectural delights such as Seville Cathedral, the Royal Alcazar, the Plaza de España and the Archbishops Palace. Plus, the botanical gardens at Maria Luisa Park are a lovely spot to unwind and enjoy a picnic.

Another sightseeing stop is the Metropol Parasol, one of the largest wooden structures in the world and a giant piece of art. Its nickname is the Mushrooms of Seville and has become a popular spot in the city since its opening in 2011. You can even climb to the top of it for cool views of the city.

Washington D.C, United States

Washington D.C
Washington D.C and the cherry blossoms. Photo: Andy He | Unsplash

The U.S capital is a sight to behold in spring as the cherry blossoms bloom along the Potomac River around early to mid-April. Washington D.C celebrates the event in some style with the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade. You can expect marching bands, elaborately decorated floats, music, and entertainers taking over the ten-block parade route. 

Whatsmore, you can explore all of the city’s best attractions and monuments at a quieter time of year. Get up close to the famous monuments, tour the White House and discover the amazing museums and art galleries at your own leisurely pace without the queues of tourists you’ll find here in the summer. 

Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii
A Northern beach in Oahu. Photo: Luke McKeown | Unsplash

Hawaii’s third largest island, Oahu, is not only beautiful but is packed with places to see and things to do. Oahu offers visitors a cosmopolitan holiday, with history, culture, outdoor pursuits and the best nightlife in Hawaii. Average daytime temperatures of 26°C, with little rain mean that April is a great time to visit Oahu. 

Oahu has some amazing beaches including the world-famous Waikīkī beach. The beaches are perfect for swimming, surfing, snorkelling and relaxing. There are awesome hiking trails and bike paths, submarine experiences, skydiving, in fact pretty much every outdoor activity you can dream of. For some history and culture, Oahu is the home of Pearl Harbour and you can visit the museums as well as taking a boat trip out to the memorial site.

Final Thoughts

Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. Photo: Alfiano Sutianto | Unsplash

As you can see, April is a great time for a holiday, with so many amazing destinations that are perfect to visit in spring. There’s also lots of nice warm weather to take advantage of too. Hopefully, you’ll now be feeling inspired to plan your spring trip. But if you fancy a winter getaway check out our 15 Best Places To Visit in February guide.


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