Non Touristy Things To Do In Dublin – 2023 Guide

Discover the hidden gems of Dublin with our 2023 guide to non-touristy things to do.
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Are you looking for a unique and authentic experience while exploring Dublin? You’re in luck! This guide will showcase the hidden gems of the city that will allow you to connect with the local culture and nature in a way that traditional tourist hotspots cannot match. From strolling along the Grand Canal to sampling artisanal Irish cheeses, this guide will offer something for everyone. Let’s dive in!

Explore Dublin’s Hidden Gems

Dublin is a city filled with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From tranquil canals to vibrant street art, there’s something for everyone. Here are some must-visit spots to add to your itinerary.

Stroll Along the Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is an ideal destination for those seeking a breathtaking city walk away from the crowds. Starting from Portobello – one of the most diverse quarters in Dublin – the canal leading to the stunning Docklands area offers both tranquillity and stunning views. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a rower or two practising their technique in the midst of the canal. A walk along the canal is the perfect way to discover a different side of Dublin.

As you stroll along the canal, take in the beautiful architecture of the surrounding buildings. Many of these buildings have been restored and repurposed, adding to the charm of the area. You may also come across some hidden cafes and restaurants, perfect for a quick bite or a leisurely meal.

Discover Street Art in the Liberties

One of Dublin’s best-kept secrets is the vibrant street art found in the Liberties area. This vibrant neighbourhood is adorned with colourful and thought-provoking murals and graffiti. If you’re a lover of art and want an opportunity to see the city from a different perspective, be sure to put this on your list.

As you explore the area, take note of the intricate details and messages behind each piece of art. The street art in the Liberties is not only visually stunning but also tells a story about the neighbourhood and its history. You may even come across some local artists at work, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the area.

Visit the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA)

IMMA houses contemporary art and boasts a stunning architectural design, making it a must-visit spot for art enthusiasts. The museum’s serene gardens offer a lovely escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Located in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, this museum offers both a cultural and historical experience to visitors.

Inside the museum, you’ll find a diverse range of contemporary art, from paintings to sculptures to installations. Take your time exploring the exhibits and learning about the artists behind the works. Afterward, head outside to the museum’s gardens, where you can relax and take in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Explore the Phoenix Park

No visit to Dublin is complete without exploring Phoenix Park. Boasting of over 1,700 acres, this park is the largest green space in Dublin and is perfect for nature lovers. The park features historic monuments, picturesque walkways, and a game-reserve where visitors can see wild deer roam. Be sure to pack a picnic and a camera to take in the park’s beauty fully.

As you explore the park, keep an eye out for some of its most notable sights, including the Wellington Monument, the Papal Cross, and the Dublin Zoo. You can also rent a bike and cycle through the park, taking in the fresh air and stunning scenery. And if you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of some of the park’s resident wildlife, such as foxes or rabbits.

So there you have it – some of Dublin’s best-kept secrets waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these hidden gems offer a unique and unforgettable experience.

Experience Authentic Irish Culture

If you’re looking for an authentic Irish experience, Dublin is the perfect place to start. With its rich history and vibrant culture, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the local way of life. Here are some of the best ways to experience authentic Irish culture while in Dublin:

Attend a Traditional Irish Music Session

Traditional Irish music is one of the most important aspects of Irish culture, and attending a music session is a must-do while in Dublin. These sessions are held in local pubs and offer an intimate and authentic experience. You’ll be able to enjoy the lively music, meet new people, and experience a night like the locals.

During a music session, you’ll hear traditional Irish instruments such as the fiddle, bodhran, and accordion. The musicians will play a variety of jigs, reels, and hornpipes, and you’ll be able to tap your feet and dance along if you feel like it!

Learn Irish Dancing at a Ceilidh

Irish dancing is another crucial element of Irish culture, and attending a Ceilidh dance is a fantastic way to experience it. A Ceilidh is a traditional Irish social gathering where people sing, dance, and enjoy traditional Irish music.

At a Ceilidh, you’ll learn the basics of traditional Irish dances such as the jig and the reel. You’ll be guided by experienced dancers who will show you the steps and help you perfect your technique. It’s a fun and friendly environment, and you’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for Irish dance.

Visit the Dublin Writers Museum

Dublin is famous for producing some of the world’s most renowned writers, and the Dublin Writers Museum is the perfect place to learn about them. The museum displays a collection of manuscripts, letters, and personal belongings of some of the most well-known writers in Ireland’s literary history.

Visiting the museum will give you a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage of the Irish people. You’ll learn about famous Irish writers such as James Joyce, W.B. Yeats, and Samuel Beckett, and their impact on Irish literature and culture.

Explore the Irish Language at Conradh na Gaeilge

Irish is the native language of Ireland and is an essential part of Irish culture. If you’re interested in learning more about the Irish language and culture, Conradh na Gaeilge is the perfect place to start.

This Irish language and cultural institute offers language classes and cultural experiences to help you learn more about the Irish language and culture. You can attend workshops in traditional Irish crafts or music, or take language classes to improve your Irish language skills.

Exploring the Irish language and culture is an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of Ireland and its people. You’ll learn about the history and traditions of the Irish people and gain a newfound appreciation for their rich cultural heritage.

Taste The Local Flavors

When it comes to food, Dublin has a lot to offer. From artisanal Irish cheeses to locally brewed craft beers, there is something for everyone. Here are some ways to explore Dublin’s food scene and sample some of the best local flavours.

Sample Artisanal Irish Cheeses

Irish cheese is world-renowned for its unique and robust flavour. A visit to Sheridan’s Cheesemongers is a must-do for cheese lovers. Located in the heart of Dublin, Sheridan’s is known for its extensive range of Irish cheeses, bread, and wine to compliment any cheese board. Be sure to visit during one of their cheese tastings to sample some of the best local artisanal cheese Dublin has to offer. You can learn about the history of Irish cheese-making and the different types of cheese produced in Ireland.

Visit a Farmers’ Market

If you’re looking to sample the best of Irish produce, visit one of Dublin’s farmers’ markets. The Temple Bar Food Market is a great place to start, with local vendors selling everything from fresh seafood to handcrafted chocolates. A visit to the markets will offer an opportunity to taste the very best of Dublin’s local produce and engage with the local community. You can learn about the farming practices and the different crops grown in the area. You can also meet the farmers and artisans who produce the food and learn about their stories and techniques.

Take a Food Tour of Dublin’s Neighborhoods

Dublin’s food scene is worth exploring, and a food tour is the perfect way to do so. You can explore Dublin’s less touristy neighbourhoods and sample local cuisine on a food tour guided by a local foodie expert. The tours will offer an opportunity to taste the city’s most iconic dishes such as Irish Stew and seafood chowder, among other delicacies. You can also learn about the history and culture of the neighbourhoods and the different influences that shaped the local cuisine. You can meet the chefs and restaurant owners and learn about their passion for food and hospitality.

Try Craft Beers at a Local Brewery

Ireland is known for its love for beer, and Dublin is no exception. The local breweries offer visitors an opportunity to taste many unique and innovative craft beers. A visit to The Porterhouse, for instance, will not disappoint – with an extensive range of unique beer flavours and a cosy atmosphere, this is a must-visit for beer lovers. You can learn about the different brewing techniques and ingredients used in the production of craft beers. You can also meet the brewers and taproom staff and learn about their inspiration and creativity.

Engage in Unique Activities

When visiting Dublin, there are plenty of unique activities to engage in that will provide a memorable experience. From literary pub crawls to traditional Irish sports games, there is something for everyone. Here are some additional activities to add to your itinerary:

Join a Literary Pub Crawl

For book lovers and literature enthusiasts, Dublin is paradise. Joining a literary pub crawl, organised by passionate actors and tour guides, will add some books and booze to your itinerary. Even if you’re not an avid reader, the pub crawl is a fun and entertaining way to learn more about Dublin’s literary history as you move from pub to pub.

As you walk through the city’s streets, you’ll hear stories about famous Irish writers like James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, and Oscar Wilde. The guides will take you to some of the city’s most iconic pubs, including the Brazen Head, which is Ireland’s oldest pub. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy a pint of Guinness while listening to live music.

Take a Street Photography Workshop

Dublin is full of stunning visuals, and a street photography workshop is an excellent way to capture them. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just a beginner, Dublin’s local photography tours have plenty of options available. The tours offer an opportunity to learn the best techniques used for street photography while also awaking your creative side.

You’ll explore the city’s most picturesque streets and alleys, capturing the vibrant colours and unique architecture. The tour guides will also provide you with insights into the city’s history and culture, making it an educational experience as well.

Participate in a Traditional Irish Sports Game

Irish people are passionate about Gaelic games, and attending one of these games in Dublin is a great way to get a glimpse into Irish sporting culture. Watching local teams competing in the national games of Gaelic football and hurling can be an action-packed and uniquely Irish experience. The stadium’s atmosphere and the locals’ enthusiasm are infectious – you may end up leaving as a fan!

The games take place at Croke Park, which is the largest stadium in Ireland and can hold up to 82,300 people. The stadium’s history dates back to 1884 and has been the home of the Gaelic Athletic Association since then. Attending a game is not only a great way to experience Irish culture, but it’s also an opportunity to witness some of the country’s top athletes in action.

Attend a Live Theatre Performance

Dublin’s cultural scene is rich and varied, with theatre being one of the significant highlights. A visit to the Abbey Theatre or the Gaiety Theatre is a must-do for theatre enthusiasts. Attending a live performance will give you a sense of the city’s theatrical history and the opportunity to see some of the world’s top performers in action.

The Abbey Theatre, which opened in 1904, is considered the national theatre of Ireland. It has been the home of many famous plays, including those written by W.B. Yeats and Samuel Beckett. The Gaiety Theatre, which opened in 1871, is one of the oldest theatres in Ireland and has hosted many famous performers, including Charlie Chaplin and Laurence Olivier.

Attending a live performance at one of these theatres is an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere is electric, and the performances are of the highest quality. Whether you’re a theatre enthusiast or just looking for a unique night out, attending a live performance in Dublin is a must-do.

Connect With Nature in the City

Visit the National Botanic Gardens

If you want to explore nature within the city limits, look no further than the National Botanic Gardens. The gardens offer visitors a chance to take in the nature at their pace, with several greenhouses, gardens and plant collections available for viewing. This is the perfect place to relax and unwind and soak in the natural beauty of Dublin.

Explore the Dublin Mountains

For those looking to escape the city’s bustle, a day trip to the Dublin Mountains is an excellent option. The mountains offer several hiking and walking trails with stunning views of the countryside, a welcome change of scenery from city life. The Wicklow Mountains National Park is one of the best places to hike, taking you through valleys full of Irish history and landscapes that will take your breath away.

Discover the Coastal Towns of Howth and Malahide

If you’re up for a seaside adventure, head to the picturesque coastal towns of Howth and Malahide. These stunning seaside destinations offer a taste of Irish coastal life, with tourist attractions like Howth Castle and Malahide Castle. Whether you’re walking along the pier, enjoying some fresh seafood or taking in the view of the sea, these charming towns will make you feel like you’re in a different world.

Take a Walk in St. Anne’s Park

St. Anne’s Park is an oasis of calm in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Dublin’s city life. Known for its Rose Garden with over 450 varieties of roses, this park is the ideal destination for nature lovers. Whether you’re taking a stroll, reading a book or picnicking on the grounds, St. Anne’s Park offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle of everyday life.

Tips for Enjoying Dublin Like a Local

Use Public Transportation

While it’s tempting to splurge on taxis, using public transportation such as buses, trams and trains are a great way to save money while experiencing Dublin’s daily life. With the Leap Card, Dublin’s transportation is not only affordable but easy to use, making it the best option for budget-conscious travellers.

Stay in a Local Neighborhood

While the city centre offers plenty of accommodation options, staying in a local neighbourhood is an excellent way to connect with the locals and experience life like one. The areas of Ranelagh, Phibsborough or Stoneybatter offer a range of authentic Irish pubs, restaurants and cultural experiences, making the experience of visiting Dublin far more personal and meaningful.

Attend Local Festivals and Events

Dublin boasts of festivals throughout the year, celebrating everything from literature to St. Patrick’s Day. Attending one of these local festivals, held all across the city, is an excellent opportunity to experience the city in full swing while connecting with the locals.

Connect with Dubliners through Meetup Groups

Meetup groups offer many opportunities to connect with locals from different fields, whether it’s attending a language exchange event or exploring the city’s nightlife. The locals are always eager to welcome visitors into their homes and communities, offering a personal, unrivalled experience of the city.


Now you have a diverse range of hidden gems to explore in Dublin to make your trip uniquely yours. These non-touristy spots will offer you an opportunity to discover the city from a whole new perspective, connecting with the local culture and nature in a way that traditional tourist hotspots cannot match. Whether exploring the Dublin mountains or sampling artisanal cheese, you are guaranteed a fulfilling experience in Dublin. Go forth, explore and make lasting memories!


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