Is Paris Safe to Visit? (2023 Guide)

Like all big cities, Paris inevitably has crime. But as a city that attracts 30 million tourists each year, is Paris a safe city to visit and what can you do to prepare yourself for your trip?
Is Paris safe? Photo: Alexander Kagan | Unsplash

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There is always the question of whether the city you’re going to for a holiday is safe. And it’s very common to ask that when traveling to Paris. 

Whether you’re going for a few days or a week, the crime index should be one of the first things you check before traveling. 

Like all big cities, Paris inevitably has crime. So it’s best to be wary of that before traveling there. Also finding the safest spots and being cautious of scams is a great way to be prepared.

So, is Paris safe to visit? Read on to find out. 

Is Paris Safe? 

Paris. Photo: Marloes Hilckmann | Unsplash

As a city that attracts 30 million tourists every year, it’s safe to say Paris is a safe city to visit. You just have to know what to look out for. 

Street crime is the biggest concern in Paris, and tourist areas are considered on high alert always. When you travel, you are in awe of the beautiful surroundings and tend to lower your guard. However, when this happens, people will nefarious intentions tend to take advantage of that. 

Pickpocketing in Paris 

Montmarte. Photo: JOHN TOWNER | Unsplash

Pickpocketing is one of the most common ways tourists have their valuables stolen. In Paris, pickpockets are commonly under 16 years old. So don’t be fooled by any teenagers who may be standing too close to you. 

The easiest way that pickpockets tend to take valuables is by distracting you while another one goes through your things. Another way that you can have your valuables stolen is that the pickpockets might try to quickly grab whatever is in your hands, such as your phone or wallet, and run away. 

The best way to avoid this is by being aware of your surroundings and keeping your belongings close to you. For example, wearing a shoulder bag on your front at all times or wearing a waist bag. Don’t put your phone or wallet in your back pocket, making it easier for thieves to grab it and run off. 

Staying Alert is Key 

Paris Rooftops. Photo: Nil Castellví | Unsplash

You can take a few precautions while in Paris if you are worried about thieves. 

  1. If you are traveling solo, one of the best things you can do is stay in well-lit areas and avoid deserted streets. 
  2. Be wary of people around you. If you notice someone standing too close to you that looks suspicious, walk away. 
  3. If someone on the street is trying to sell you something and you don’t want it, don’t waste your time arguing with them, as chances are, they have a friend who is going through your pockets or bag while you’re distracted by the salesperson. 
  4. Keep your belongings close to you. A waist/fanny/bum bag is an excellent travel accessory. 
  5. Men should avoid putting their belongings in their back pockets as it’s the easiest way for a pickpocket to steal. 
  6. Pickpocketing tends to occur in crowded areas, such as trains, subways, and airports, so be on high alert in those areas. 

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How Safe is Paris? 

Streets of Paris. Photo: Clément Dellandrea | Unsplash

To answer the question of “is Paris safe to visit?” Yes, it’s a very safe place to visit. 

The only crime in the city is pickpocketing, which is much better than shootings. 

The best thing to remember when in Paris is to be alert, especially in crowded areas. 

So, now that you know Paris is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world but is also safe, when are you planning to visit? 


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