The 5 Best Places To Watch Sunset In Porto

Here are the 5 best spots to watch the sun go down in this beautiful city.
Where can you catch the best sunsets in Porto? Photo: Everaldo Coelho | Unsplash

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There’s nothing quite like watching the sunset over the cityscape of Porto. The colors reflect off the buildings and the river, creating a truly magical scene. Thankfully, there are plenty of great places to watch this natural spectacle. Here are our 5 favorites places to watch the sunset in Porto.

1. Ribeira District

Wonderful Ribeira District Photo: de zibik  | Unsplash

The Ribeira district is one of the most scenic areas in Porto. Located on the banks of the Douro River, it’s the perfect place to watch the sunset. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants along the river, so you can enjoy a drink or bite to eat while you take in the view.

2. Dom Luis Bridge

Emblematic Dom Luis Bridge. Photo: Kenneth Vellinga | Unsplash

The Dom Luis Bridge is one of Porto’s most iconic landmarks. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset. The bridge offers unparalleled views of the cityscape, and you can even see the river reflections in the water below.

3. Miradouro da Serra do Pilar

Unique Miradouro da Serra do Pilar. Photo: Sergei Gussev | Flickr

Miradouro da Serra do Pilar is one of the best places to get a panoramic view of Porto. Located on the south side of the city, it offers stunning views of both the cityscape and the river. As an added bonus, there’s a monastery at the top of the hill that makes for a great photo opportunity.

4. Jardim do Palacio de Cristal

Spectacular Jardim do Palacio de Cristal Photo: Vítor Oliveria | Portugal_eyes  | Flickr

The Jardim do Palacio de Cristal is a beautiful park located in the center of Porto. It’s the perfect place to relax and take in the views of the city. The park also has a great view of the Dom Luis Bridge, making it a great spot for sunset watching.

5. Miradouro da Vitoria

Wonderful Miradouro da Vitoria. Photo: Francisco Restivo | Flickr

Miradouro da Vitoria is another great spot for panoramic views of Porto. Located on the north side of the city, it offers sweeping views of both the cityscape and the river. It’s also a popular spot for watching the sunset, so you can enjoy the view with a group of friends.

Porto is a city with no shortage of beautiful sunset spots. Whether you’re looking for a panoramic view or want to enjoy the view from one of the city’s iconic landmarks, there’s sure to be a spot that suits your needs. So next time you’re in Porto, be sure to check out one of these 5 great places to watch the sunset. You won’t be disappointed!


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