The 13 Best Beaches In Mauritius – A Definitive Guide

With warm waters, white and black sand beaches, and tropical weather, nothing is more relaxing than a day on the beach in the paradise that is Mauritius!
The paradise Island of Mauritius. Photo: Xavier Coiffic | Unsplash

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Sitting cozily in the arms of the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean lies the paradise Island of Mauritius. With around 330km worth of pristine beaches, it’s easy to see why this beautiful island is making a name for itself worldwide.

We’ve listed some of the best beaches on the island to make your trip to paradise as easy and stress-free as lying on the sand sipping from a coconut!

Finding the perfect beach can be challenging, lucky for you we’ve done all the hard work already!
Photo: Vaughan Mcshane | Flickr


You feel the soft gaze of the midmorning sun gently caress your cheeks as you walk idly down the white-sand beach, feeling the welcoming grains play between your toes. The calm sea to your right is active with sea turtles, tropical fish, and snorkelers. You see a kite surfer in the distance and tropical palm trees line the bay.

All this and much much more is possible on the island of Mauritius!

Located off the coast of Madagascar, Mauritius is known for its crystal clear waters, powdered sand, and mild tropical climate. Situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the waters are warm and pleasant to the touch, and the local food is flavourful and enticing.

If you’re not sold on heading to Mauritius already, you will be by the end of this list.

Otherwise, why not check out some other incredible islands that should be on your 2023 bucket list, such as The Seychelles or one of the many Greek Islands?

Tropical palm trees and mangroves accompany much of the Mauritius coast. Photo: Vaughan Mcshane | Flickr

Pereybere – Calm waters for swimming

Sitting on the north of the island, Pereybere beach is a haven for those who love to spend their time in the warming waters of the Indian Ocean. Known around the island for having consistently calm waters, Pereybere is the perfect place for families to visit, where small children can play safely in the crystal clear ocean.

The sand here is impossibly soft and there’s no wonder many tourists flock to this beach every day to soak in the sun’s rays. There are many lively restaurants around the area and there is always an electric energy around this beach, with kids singing merrily and music drifting from the nearby resorts. I would recommend getting to this beach early if you can, as, with only 150m of pure sand, it does fill up quickly.

Pereybere is an active beach and there are many resorts close by, with a vast array of activities from diving to deep sea fishing.

You can expect tranquil waters and smiling faces all around Pereybere beach! Photo: Sean Oulashin | Unsplash

Flic en Flac – For sunsets and snorkels

Aside from the fun-to-say name, Flic en Flac has a lot to offer its sunbathers year-round. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island, and is also known to be one of the best! Think idyllic white sand stretching for miles, incredible ocean life, and the most awe-inspiring sunsets.

Flic en Flac is known to be an activity hub, with so many sports and ventures to undertake. Here is one of the best spots for beginner divers, with beautifully vibrant fish local to the reefs of the area. The relatively calm waters also allow for kayaking, canoeing, and sailing, all of which turn from amazing adventure to simple serenity when done at sunrise. Not to mention pods of dolphins frequent this beautiful bay, and can sometimes be seen from your cozy spot on the sandy shore.

This lively beach is close to many restaurants and bars and so you won’t be stuck for refreshments on your dream day at the beach!

Watch the sky come alive in the evening at the popular Flic en Flac beach! Photo: Kabilen Sornum | Flickr

Blue Bay – For marine life

As a national park in itself, Blue Bay is well-known for its incredible coral gardens, sitting close to the coast with easy access for snorkelers and divers alike. It’s truly incredible to see the vast array of marine life here, from the small fish darting around the coral, all the way up to the whales that often visit the bay.

The marine park is a must-see for nature lovers hoping to get below the ocean’s surface, home to a brain coral that is over 1,000 years old and five metres in diameter! The rich biodiversity of this area means that you can go snorkeling every day on your trip, and still be seeing new things each time you take a dip! Not to mention that the beach itself is a beautifully peaceful spot to relax after your marine exploration.

Blue Bay is the place to go for all lovers of marine life! Photo: Mile Hardacre | Pexels

Tamarin – A surfer’s delight

As the pinnacle of surfing on the island, anyone wishing to catch some waves need to spend some time on this west-coast wonder. Hidden in a sheltered enclave, the waves barrel roll into this bay often and well-formed. If surfing is your game, then I recommend heading down in winter (if you can even call 68°F/20°C winter) for the best waves. Make sure to speak to a local to find the best spots here, as competition is high due to this area being known as a top destination for surfers worldwide.

If surfing isn’t your thing then this pristine black-sand beach is also perfect for relaxing and looking out over the turquoise water and watching the surfers play in the waves.

A paradise for surfers, head down to Tamarin Beach to enjoy barrelling waves! Photo: Dave Young | Flickr

La Cuvette – For a quieter feel

Lined with palm trees and accompanied by Mauritius’ trademark crystal-clear waters and soft sand, La Cuvette is a local hidden gem just a short walk away from the islands’ most popular area. This tiny little cove is relatively untouched compared with some of the other beaches on this list, meaning there aren’t any sculpted hedges or excessive attractions.

This is the beach you come to if you simply want to enjoy the island as nature intended, lying on the beach, looking at the rocks, and splashing your feet in the water. The added bonus of this charming beach? Even though you may feel far from the world when on its’ shores, you are still just a short walk away from many other attractions and eateries.

Head down to La Cuvette for a more homely beach experience. Photo: Roberto Nickson | Pexels

Belle Mare Plage – The lazy lagoon

Completely cut off from the rest of the ocean by a circular and shallow coral reef, this beautiful beach is nestled cozily on the crest of a calm and tranquil lagoon. This makes Belle Mare Plage a perfect spot for those wanting to take a dip in the ocean and casually spend their day lounging on the soft sands.

This beach is lined with mangroves and stretches around 2km, making it the ideal location for an afternoon stroll to nowhere. The weekends may get busy here, with many locals visiting its’ white sands and so I’d suggest heading on a weekday if you get the chance. Why not try parasailing here over the sleepy coast?

If you’re an early riser, then this is the perfect spot to watch the sunrise over the Indian Ocean.

Let the day wash over you as you watch the parasailers lazily drift by. Photo: Nitin Dhumal | Pexels

Grand Baie – The best-known beach…and for a reason

Located in the village of the same name, this popular little beach is the location for all things activity based. Choose any water sport you desire and you will find it in this area, why not give deep-sea fishing a go?

Grand Baie is also known as the party area, keeping up a touristy but pretty village where the festivities continue on until way into the night. The village hosts some of the island’s best-known nightclubs and bars and is endless fun!

If you want countless activities, shops, and food options, but still want to experience the classic white sands and incredible water quality of Mauritius, then this might just be the beach for you!

Grand Baie also has many secluded coves dotted along the shore which are only accessible by water, so if you wanted to spend the day alone then hire a boat for the day, or even go on an adventurous swim!

Grand Baie is the party capital of the island, and one not to be missed! Photo: Dan DY | Unsplash

Le Morne – With history and incredible scenery

This gorgeous 3km beach is overlooked by the beautiful nearby hill of Morne Brabant, with its steep, 556m cliff face giving way to an incredible forest at ground level. This is possibly one of the most visually stunning beaches on the island, with the beach wrapping around several corners, each section offering slightly different winds and ocean depths.

Not only this, but the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, namely for its interesting, but dark history. Being a significant area in the history of slavery, not only for Mauritius but for many of the countries on the East of the African continent, it is well worth researching this place before settling down and enjoying your day. Check out the monument in the area, dedicated to the former slaves who passed through.

Morne Brabant towers over the surrounding beaches. Photo: Xavier Coiffic | Unsplash

Ile aux Cerfs – Relaxing activities away from the crowds

As an island off an island, you’ll need to jump on a speed boat or catamaran to reach this dreamscape! This whole area is relatively untouched and is a place where not as many tourists find themselves venturing. The result? A beautiful escape away from the crowds!

Ile aux Cerfs is also home to relaxing cruises and an 18-hole golf course, meaning that there are many other options for you to keep your day chill, but without simply sitting on the beach for the whole time.

Why not unwind on a deckchair only a short boat ride away from the crowds? Photo: Anthony de Kroon | Unsplash

Gris Gris – Rock formations and sea cliffs

As one of the few areas on the island not surrounded by coral reefs, the waves charge into the hillsides here with epic splashes. The constant crashing of the waves has crafted insanely beautiful rock formations and cliff faces scattered all along this incredible coast. Although I wouldn’t suggest swimming here, it is a great place to grab a parasol and sit in fascination as the waves crash into the rocky coast.

There are also hikes in the area for those wanting to get an aerial view of the epic waves.

Incredible rock formations dot the coast on this part of the island. Photo: Pom’ | Flickr

St Felix – For the foodies

Known by many as the most beautiful beach of the south, this white-sand beach is still relatively unknown amongst most visitors to the island. This makes this little slice of heaven one you can potentially enjoy all to yourself whilst here, a perfect spot for those wanting to chill with a book away from all the noise. I wouldn’t recommend swimming here as there are strong currents and the highly toxic stone fish feed on the coral.

Make sure to visit one of the many incredible street food vendors in the area for a taste explosion you won’t forget.

With incredible street food in the local village, St Felix is a little-known beach perfect for tickling your tastebuds! Photo: Maman Voyage | Flickr

Mont Choisy – The longest beach on the island

Lined with casuarinas trees to provide shade to those who need it, it is easy to get lost on this gorgeous beach and to feel as though you are on an island far away from other people. Although situated close to the busy town of Grand Baie, this beach stretches far and wide, so you only have to walk down the coast slightly to find a secluded spot of your own!

This beach also offers many activities including horse riding, and if you choose to spend the morning watching the sunrise, you may even get to see the horses dipping into the ocean for their morning swim!

The long stretch of powdery sand is perfect for unwinding after a long night partying in Grand Baie! Photo: Xavier Coiffic | Unsplash

Poste Lafayette – For kitesurfers and volcanic rock

Don’t let the position of last in the list fool you, a trip down the Poste Lafayette is an experience in itself. Lined with tropical trees and framed with black volcanic stone, this rustic and rough beach is very secluded and is the perfect home for those wanting to kitesurf whilst seeing no people and gorgeous rock formations.

Get your kitesurf gear out and enjoy the unique and incredible formations made from volcanic rock! Photo: Rafael Hoyos Weht | Unsplash

To sum it up

Literally, every beach on this incredible island has beautiful sand and crystal-clear waters, so you have the luxury of choosing one based on the vibe, facilities, and activities around.

Whatever you’re after you can find it here, but if you’re still deciding on whether to visit Mauritius or somewhere in Europe, why not check out the incredible areas that Cyprus has to offer?


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