Saudia Arabia Is Going To Get A Hotel With A Ski Resort On Its Roof

Saudi Arabia, a country known for its deserts and warm temperatures, is set to get a hotel with a ski resort on its roof. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming TROJENA hotel.
Saudi Arabia’s Ski Resort Hotel. Photo: NEOM | NEOM.

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Just when you thought the city of NEOM being built in Saudi Arabia wasn’t futuristic enough; there are plans for a hotel with a ski resort on its roof.

When you picture Saudi Arabia, desert sand and warm weather come to mind. So how will a ski resort function in the desert climate? 

Hotel Development, the division responsible for building NEOM, has signed its inaugural hotel partner, Ennismore.

Hotel Development’s goal is to capitalise on the region’s potential to establish a new era for the industry – in the form of a ski village. 

This will see two of Ennismore’s brands – 25hours Hotels and Morgans Originals – open properties in TROJENA, NEOM’s mountain tourism destination. 

Philip Gullett, Executive Director and Region Head, TROJENA, said: “The mountains of TROJENA are set to become one of the most awe-inspiring destinations the world over. Both 25hours Hotels and Morgans Originals are ideal brands for TROJENA as we look to deliver extraordinary experiences for residents and visitors seeking luxury, adventure, entertainment, livability and escape from the status quo.”

Morgans Originals Ski Village: A Saudi Arabia First 

TROJENA Mountains. Photo: NEOM | NEOM.

The Morgans Originals hotel design aims to transport guests from the surreal landscapes of TROJENA into a world rooted in the cultural legacy of the brand. 

The hotel will feature four world-class dining outlets, a 2,000-metre destination spa and a bathhouse. This is all in addition to an architecturally significant ski slope roof and pool bar overlooking the TROJENA mountains. 

Early construction works have already commenced in TROJENA. The main construction on the ski village will begin at the end of 2022. The sides of the mountain extending onto the roof of the village will create a ski slope skyline that can be activated year-round through various adventure sports facilities. 

TROJENA: Saudi Arabia’s Newest Mountain Destination 

Saudi Arabia’s Newest Mountain Destination. Photo: NEOM | NEOM.

The entire TROJENA area will consist of six districts: Explore, Discover, Gateway, Valley, Relax and Fun. Visitors can visit each destination based on their mood and desired activities. 

So, how will the snow last in the ski village above Morgans Originals hotel? TROJENA will be in the centre of NEOM, where some of the highest peaks in the country are located. 

At approximately 2,600 metres above sea level, the average temperature in the mountainous region is about 10 degrees Celsius cooler than in other cities. The temperature drops below 0 in winter, making it an ideal spot for winter sports and activities. 

What is NEOM? Saudi Arabia’s Newest City 

NEOM is Saudi Arabia’s Newest City. Photo: NEOM | NEOM.

NEOM is a region in northwest Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea that will be built from the ground up. 

It will be a destination and home for people who dream big and want to be part of building a new model for exceptional livability, creating thriving businesses and reinventing environmental conservation. 

NEOM will include hyperconnected, cognitive cities, ports and enterprise zones, research centres, sports and entertainment venues and tourist destinations (TROJENA). 

Eager to ski in a country you never thought possible? Developers expect TROJENA to open in 2026.


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